MIRA Licensed Tax Agents

Tax Agents are individuals approved by MIRA to provide Licensed Tax Agent Services (LTA) services publicly to taxpayers. Click here to view Tax Agent regulation.

Scope of work of LTAs

  • Calculate taxpayers’ tax liability
  • Prepare and file taxpayers’ tax returns
  • Prepare other notices, statements and other documents to be submitted to MIRA in relation to tax payable by taxpayer or to his legal rights/obligations
  • Prepare documents relating to a taxpayer’s objection
  • Advise taxpayers on their obligations under the tax laws and other tax related issues
  • Prepare taxpayers’ financial statements for tax purposes
    • LTA cannot also be taxpayer’s external auditor
  • Communicate with MIRA on behalf of taxpayers

Taxpayer is ultimately responsible for paying tax and fulfilling other obligations under a Tax Act

Tax Agent categories

Tax agent license is divided in to two categories. Below are the requirements for each category. A Tax Agent cannot be employee of taxpayer.

Category 1

  • May provide Tax agent services to any taxpayer
  • Level 9 or higher qualification in accounting or auditing, or fully qualified member of a professional body
  • Pass the Exam (85%)
  • Must be a Maldives citizen

Category 2

  • Provide tax agent services only to taxpayers with annual turnover ≤ MVR 10 million
  • Level 7 or higher qualification in accounting, auditing, finance, economics, business, or law, or affiliate/full member of professional body
  • Complete the tax agents training program
  • Pass the Exam (75%)
  • Must be a Maldives citizen
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