Mission and Vision


To establish a highly committed and competent organisation, delivering effective and fair administration of the tax laws, promoting voluntary compliance and providing quality services to taxpayers.


To be recognised as a leading professional organisation engaged in collection of revenue in an effective and efficient manner and providing high-quality service to taxpayers.

Logo Rationale

The logo of Maldives Inland Revenue Authority symbolises its commitment towards effective and fair administration of tax laws whilst promoting voluntary compliance.

The shape of the icon derived from the Maldives Five Laari coin represents the national revenue, while the vessel within it signifies the traditional Vaaru Odi used to collect Vaaru, a form of tax. The pointers of the octagonal structure denote MIRA's reach to all corners of the nation while combining an Islamic sense to it.

The conch portrayed from the transformed hull of the vessel conveys a call for voluntary compliance. A conch was a conventional medium used to call the community for participation in national matters.

Turquoise colour of the logo resembles the shallow waters of our lagoons which reflect fairness and transparency that MIRA embodies in reaching its objectives.

The unique symbol expresses the energetic spirit, the confidence and pride with which MIRA fulfils its purpose in a professional and contemporary manner.


Our Core Values

Fairness: Apply the tax laws impartially and equitably

Professionalism: Be exemplary in providing services by applying the applicable knowledge and wisdom

Integrity: Maintain moral and ethical standards under all circumstances

Neutrality: Unbiased in carrying out the obligations in the tax laws

Transparency: Be an organization which is open to taxpayers and transparent to all


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