Charitable organizations

A charitable organization is any body, association or public institution that satisfies below conditions:

  • the body, association or public institution is established for the promotion of Islam, relief of the poor, medical relief or education or any of the following objects of general public utility;
    • providing humanitarian aid;
    • conserving the environment or wildlife;
    • enhancing social well-being;
    • promoting cultural activities;
    • promoting sports and recreational activities;
    • developing a profession or an industry;
    • developing a regional or island community;
    • promoting democracy; Good governance;
    • Advocacy
  • the body, association or public institution is not run for the financial benefit of a specific person.

In addition to the above, if it is a body or association, it must be registered under the Associations Act (Law Number 1/2003) or Maldives Sports Act (Law Number 30/2015) or it must be formed under an Act of Parliament.

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