List of Approved Auditors

Persons required to submit an Auditor’s Report together with their Income Tax return, pursuant to section 104 of the Income Tax Regulation, must submit an Auditor’s Report signed by an independent auditor licensed by the relevant authority at the time of submission of the person’s income tax return.

Below is the current list of auditors licensed by Institute of Chartered Accountants of the Maldives


# Name E-Mail Contact Number Registration Date Registration Number
1 Deloitte Partners [email protected] 7781029 08-Mar-21 ICAM-FL-EPN
Jatindra Kumar Bhattray, Mohamed Siraj Muneer
2 Naeem & Jinan LLP [email protected] 7777174 08-Mar-21 ICAM-FL-EWC
Ibrahim Naeem
3 Crowe Maldives LLP [email protected] 3309585 08-Mar-21 ICAM-FL-GX6
Hassan Mohamed
4 Prudent Chartered LLP [email protected] 7982727 08-Mar-21 ICAM-FL-NLC
Ibrahim Shabeen, Ahmed Shifau
5 M.H.P.A L.L.P [email protected] 3339002 08-Mar-21 ICAM-FL-OGP
Rifaath Jaleel
6 Ernst & Young [email protected] 7771297 08-Mar-21 ICAM-FL-UA2
Muthukrishnan Rengaraj, Dhunya Nizar
7 FJS Associates LLP [email protected] 3007270 08-Mar-21 ICAM-FL-WSN
Fareeha Shareef
8 Mile and Associates [email protected] 3339991 21-Mar-21 ICAM-FL-17F
Abdulla Leeman Zahir
9 Macro Assurance LLP [email protected] 7931963 21-Mar-21 ICAM-FL-1E7
Hawwa Fajuwa
10 Rest Assured LLP [email protected] 9690474 21-Mar-21 ICAM-FL-97F
Ali Mansoor
11 Oppic LLP [email protected] 7791323 21-Mar-21 ICAM-FL-9GS
Ahmed Aslam, Ahmed Mohamed
12 AIX Associates LLP [email protected] 7986680 21-Mar-21 ICAM-FL-H7D
Sudhuna Sulaiman, Ishaq Usman
13 Ibrahim and Associates LLP [email protected] 7779363 21-Mar-21 ICAM-FL-S8I
Mohamed Shifau Ibrahim
14 KPMG [email protected] 7981195 21-Mar-21 ICAM-FL-WAD
Mohamed Nayeem Mohamed Shameel, R.W.M.O.W. Duminda B. Rathnadiwakara, Mohamed Mihad
15 AccruPlus LLP [email protected] 7910800 21-Mar-21 ICAM-FL-WGK
Abdul Wahhab
16 Emmjay Associates [email protected] 3329307 01-Apr-21 ICAM-FL-AHL
Dr. Ibrahim Mahfooz
17 Faris & Co LLP [email protected] 3322080 01-Apr-21 ICAM-FL-OTO
Ali Faris Mohamed, Mas’udh Muhammadh
18 QVL Advisory LLP [email protected] 7960042 01-Apr-21 ICAM-FL-W9I
Mohamed Hameed
19 Optimo LLP [email protected] 7995551 21-Apr-21 ICAM-FL-JBA
Mohamed Nafiz
20 TAX ASSIST AUDIT & CONSULTING LLP [email protected] 7997383 08-Jun-21 ICAM-FL-KPW
Jaufar Ali
21 FMC Auditors LLP [email protected] 7631128 01-Jul-21 ICAM-FL-KM4
Ahmed Adam
22 ODITSTANDARD LLP [email protected] 7778502 15-Aug-21 ICAM-FL-1CY
Ali Shareef
23 Auditor General's Office [email protected] 3323939 31-Aug-21 AGO
24 Clover Partners LLP [email protected] 7988958 07-Sep-21 ICAM-FL-4I2
Adam Athif
25 S&A Advisory LLP [email protected] 7779517 07-Sep-21 ICAM-FL-73T
Ahmed Shakir, Ahmed Ali
26 AF Associates LLP [email protected] 7847978 13-Apr-22 ICAM-FL-N1Z
Fathimath Abdul Latheef


# Name E-Mail Contact Number Registration Date Registration Number
1 Ahmed Shan [email protected] 9158543 08-Mar-21 ICAM-SP-CM5
2 Abdulla Shahid [email protected] 7902122 21-Mar-21 ICAM-SP-EP8
3 Mohamed Shahid [email protected] 7891163 21-Mar-21 ICAM-SP-KLS
4 Madeeh Ahmed [email protected] 7783337 21-Mar-21 ICAM-SP-SKR
5 Abdul Hameed Adam [email protected] 7996869 01-Apr-21 ICAM-SP-NEV
6 Mohamed Shafeeq [email protected] 9901990 05-May-21 ICAM-SP-A8V
7 Abdulla Husham [email protected] 7776313 05-May-21 ICAM-SP-X2W
8 Mumthaz Abdul Rasheed [email protected] 7778650 08-Jun-21 ICAM-SP-XKR
9 Shaun Shareef [email protected] 9699466 29-Mar-22 ICAM-SP-Y9Z
10 Ahmed Hisham Fawzy [email protected] 7771297 13 Dec 2022 ICAM-SP-K6Z
11 Ibrahim Luthufee [email protected] 7211416 21-Mar-23 ICAM-SP-Y6Z
12 Shamoon Adam [email protected] 9657267 11-Jul-23 ICAM-IL-T48
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