/ Refunds


You are entitled to a refund when the tax payments (i.e. interim payments or withholding tax payments) is in excess of the annual tax liability declared in the annual tax return. You must have submitted your Income Tax Return or an Amended Tax Return to determine the overpayment.

How will MIRA refund the overpayment?

The overpayments made by you would be refunded to you by MIRA upon filing of the tax return or an amended tax return. First, MIRA would set-off against amounts overdue and outstanding by you to MIRA at the time of processing the refund. If you do not have any amount overdue and outstanding or if there is an amount remaining after the set-off, the amount will be refunded to you in money. There is also an option for you to retain the money with MIRA to be set off against future liabilities or liabilities of a third party.

In general, refund money will be paid into a bank account in Maldivian Rufiyaa. However, any payment that is made compulsory to be made in United States Dollars would be paid in United States Dollars.

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