Approved charitable organizations

A charitable organization approved by the Commissioner General is exempt from income tax and any donations made to a charitable organization approved by the Commissioner General is deductible for tax purposes of the donor subject to a cap of 5% of taxable income before donations and loss relief.

A charitable organization which is exempt from income tax will not be required to pay non-resident withholding tax on any payment it makes to a non-resident.

Charitable organization is required to fulfill all obligations related to Employee Withholding Tax. For more information please click here.

List of charitable organization approved by the Commissioner General

# Association Name Registration No Valid From Valid To
1 Society for Awareness Fostering & Enlightment MIRA103/2020/12 19-Oct-20 30-Jun-23
2 Aage Foundation MIRA103/2021/08 02-Mar-21 30-Jun-24
3 Aboobakuru Ali Foundation MIRA103/2021/19 14-Jul-21 30-Jun-23
4 Adam Kaleyge Hussain Foundation MIRA103/2022/07 30-May-22 30-Jun-23
5 Advocating the Rights of Children (ARC) MIRA103/2012/04 05-Apr-12 30-Nov-20
6 Aged Care Maldives MIRA103/2012/13 05-Apr-12 30-Jun-23
7 Ajfan International Badminton Academy MIRA103/2022/15 04-Jul-22 30-Jun-23
8 Alifulhu Thuthu Foundation MIRA103/2012/17 05-Apr-12 30-Jun-24
9 American Bar Association Maldives Rule of Law Initiative MIRA103/2021/23 24-Oct-21 30-Jun-23
10 Architects Association Maldives MIRA103/2019/24 31-Dec-19 30-Jun-22
11 Association of Lady Entrepreneurs MIRA103/2019/05 04-Mar-19 30-Jun-24
12 Atmosphere Foundation MIRA103/2022/05 21-Mar-22 30-Jun-23
13 Baa Goidhoo Sports and Youth Development Society MIRA103/2019/12 04-Aug-19 31-Aug-21
14 Benefit MIRA103/2019/15 14-Oct-19 31-Aug-21
15 Bicycle Association of Maldives MIRA103/2017/29 04-Dec-17 30-Nov-20
16 Cancer Society of Maldives MIRA103/2013/15 14-May-13 30-Jun-23
17 Care for Our People and Environment (COPE) MIRA103/2020/04 18-Feb-20 30-Jun-22
18 Care Society MIRA103/2012/07 07-May-12 30-Jun-23
19 Clean Maldives MIRA103/2022/06 11-May-22 30-Jun-23
20 Club Dhonfan MIRA103/2020/07 05-Mar-20 30-Jun-23
21 Club Eydhafushi MIRA103/2020/02 04-Feb-20 31-Aug-21
MIRA103/2021/30 29-Dec-21 30-Jun-23
22 Club Mugoo Sports MIRA103/2019/04 04-Mar-19 30-Jun-23
23 Coastline Foundation MIRA103/2013/18 20-Jun-13 30-Nov-20
24 Community Development Initiatives MIRA103/2016/01 03-Jan-16 30-Jun-23
25 Coralive Maldives MIRA103/2022/03 26-Jan-22 30-Jun-23
26 Customs Recreation Club MIRA103/2018/08 03-May-18 30-Jun-23
27 Decagan Sports MIRA103/2018/10 04-Jun-18 30-Nov-20
28 Dhivehi Masverin MIRA103/2022/13 26-Jun-22 30-Jun-23
29 Dhivehi Raajjeyge Israhvehinge Jamiyya MIRA103/2019/23 30-Dec-19 30-Jun-20
MIRA103/2021/01 04-Jan-21 30-Jun-22
30 Dhivehi Sifainge Club MIRA103/2019/14 14-Oct-19 30-Jun-23
31 Diabetes Society of Maldives MIRA103/2012/19 05-Apr-12 30-Jun-23
32 E.P.S Foundation MIRA103/2020/11 19-Oct-20 30-Jun-22
33 Eco Youth MIRA103/2012/60 16-Dec-12 30-Jun-23
34 Ehee Jamiyya MIRA103/2020/03 18-Feb-20 31-Aug-21
35 Ekuveri Club MIRA103/2016/07 28-Feb-16 31-Aug-21
36 Enlighten a Mindful Community MIRA103/2021/10 01-Mar-21 30-Jun-23
37 Evidence Based Practice Health Champions Maldives MIRA103/2016/14 02-Jul-16 30-Nov-20
38 Faaf Magoodhoo Zuvaanunge Club MIRA103/2014/2 13-Nov-14 31-Aug-21
39 Falcon Youth & Recreation MIRA103/2019/01 06-Jan-19 30-Jun-22
40 Family Legal Clinic MIRA103/2021/05 08-Feb-21 30-Jun-23
41 FEM Health MIRA103/2021/18 05-Jul-21 30-Jun-22
42 Fonadhoo Zuvaanunge Rooh MIRA103/2019/16 14-Oct-19 30-Nov-20
43 Football Association of Maldives MIRA103/2019/19 01-Dec-19 30-Nov-20
44 Foundation For a Better Future MIRA103/2016/02 17-Jan-16 30-Jun-24
45 Foundation of Eydhafushi Youth Linkage (Feyli) MIRA103/2016/08 22-Mar-16 30-Jun-23
46 Gaafaru Youth Club MIRA103/2022/02 17-Jan-22 30-Jun-23
47 Guesthouse Association of Maldives MIRA103/2020/09 14-Jul-20 31-Aug-21
48 Handball Maldives MIRA103/2022/16 04-Jul-22 30-Jun-23
49 Handstogether MIRA103/2021/14 23-May-21 30-Jun-23
50 Hemophilia Society of Maldives MIRA103/2019/17 14-Oct-19 30-Nov-20
51 Hira Foundation MIRA103/2021/22 31-Aug-21 30-Jun-23
52 Hiyaa Foundation MIRA103/2021/26 05-Dec-21 30-Jun-22
53 Hope For Women MIRA103/2016/11 28-Mar-16 30-Jun-22
54 Hulhudhuffaaru Zuvaanunge Rooh MIRA103/2018/03 13-Feb-18 30-Jun-23
55 Hulhumale Women's Development Association MIRA103/2022/19 22-Sep-22 30-Jun-23
56 Huvadhoo Association for Tourism MIRA103/2021/13 26-Apr-21 30-Jun-22
57 Icons Association MIRA103/2022/09 09-Jun-22 30-Jun-23
58 Iluminate Laamu Movement MIRA103/2018/13 14-Nov-18 30-Jun-19
59 Institute of Chartered Accountants of the Maldives MIRA103/2021/06 17-Feb-21 30-Jun-23
60 International Center for Environment, Development and Operational Research (ENDEVOR)- Maldives MIRA103/2018/06 07-Jun-18 30-Jun-22
61 International Pole and Line Foundation-Maldives (IPNLF-Maldives) MIRA103/2021/03 20-Jan-21 23-Jun-22
62 International Republican Institute Maldives MIRA103/2021/16 30-May-21 30-Jun-23
63 Islaamee Eheetherikamuge Gulhun MIRA103/2012/02 05-Apr-12 30-Jun-23
64 Islamic United Foundation for Asaas Vinavi and Iyaar MIRA103/2012/54 08-Oct-12 30-Jun-23
65 Island Development & Environmental Awareness Society MIRA103/2014/20 25-Jan-15 30-Nov-20
66 IUCN Maldives MIRA103/2021/02 07-Jan-21 30-Jun-23
67 Jam'iyyathu Thahfeezil Quranil Kareem MIRA103/2022/10 09-Jun-22 30-Jun-23
68 Jamiyyath Salaf MIRA103/2012/26 26-Mar-12 30-Jun-23
69 Jamiyyathu Nidhaau Al Islam MIRA103/2015/11 11-Aug-15 31-Aug-21
70 Jamiyyathu Rahma MIRA103/2022/01 04-Jan-22 30-Jun-23
71 Jamiyyathul Akhawath MIRA103/2022/17 18-Sep-22 30-Jun-23
72 Jamiyyathul Falaah MIRA103/2013/28 16-Dec-13 30-Jun-23
73 Jamiyyathul Inthibaah MIRA103/2022/21 22-Sep-22 30-Jun-23
74 Jamiyyathul Islam MIRA103/2017/24 12-Oct-17 30-Jun-23
75 Jamiyyathul Ulaama MIRA103/2019/25 31-Dec-19 30-Nov-20
76 Journey MIRA103/2012/20 05-Apr-12 30-Jun-22
77 Junior Chamber International Addu (Maldives) MIRA103/2019/07 29-Apr-19 30-Jun-23
78 Justice Initiative MIRA103/2020/08 11-Jun-20 31-Aug-21
79 Kandoo Sports Club MIRA103/2021/33 16-Dec-21 30-Jun-23
80 Kela Thutthu Foundation MIRA103/2021/21 23-Aug-21 30-Jun-23
81 Kihaadhoo Development Society (Kids) MIRA103/2016/13 17-May-16 30-Nov-20
82 Laamu Youth Development MIRA103/2020/05 18-Feb-20 31-Aug-21
83 LFC Supporters Club of Maldives MIRA103/2019/02 05-Feb-19 30-Jun-23
84 Mahaldheeb Foundation MIRA103/2014/15 24-Sep-14 30-Jun-22
MIRA103/2022/18 21-Sep-22 30-Jun-23
85 Maishan Sports and Recreation MIRA103/2017/13 29-May-17 30-Nov-20
86 Maldives Association of Human Resource Professionals MIRA103/2018/15 09-Aug-18 30-Jun-23
87 Maldives Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators (MATATO) MIRA103/2020/13 04-Nov-20 30-Jun-23
88 Maldives Autism Association MIRA103/2012/08 20-Jan-21 30-Jun-23
89 Maldives Basketball Association MIRA103/2022/14 27-Jun-22 30-Jun-23
90 Maldives Computer Society MIRA103/2017/26 21-Nov-17 30-Nov-20
91 Maldives Family Foundation MIRA103/2019/13 03-Oct-19 30-Jun-23
92 Maldives Girl Guide Association MIRA103/2012/01 05-Apr-12 30-Jun-22
93 Maldives National Association of Construction Industry (MNACI) MIRA103/2012/50 01-Oct-12 30-Nov-20
94 Maldives Ocean Plastic Alliance MIRA103/2021/27 05-Dec-21 30-Jun-23
95 Maldives Olympic Committee MIRA103/2021/24 04-Nov-21 30-Jun-23
96 Maldivian Community Foundation MIRA103/2020/01 30-Jan-20 30-Jun-23
97 Maldivian Network for Empowering Women MIRA103/2019/03 14-Feb-19 30-Nov-20
98 Maldivian Red Crescent MIRA103/2012/15 07-May-12 30-Jun-23
99 Male' Sports Club MIRA103/2017/10 30-Mar-17 30-Jun-23
100 Mission for Migrant Workers Maldives MIRA103/2020/16 24-Dec-20 30-Jun-22
101 Moms Offering Moms Support (MOMS) MIRA103/2022/20 22-Sep-22 30-Jun-23
102 Music House MIRA103/2019/10 09-Jul-19 30-Jun-23
103 Musicians' Union of Maldives MIRA103/2021/15 25-May-21 30-Jun-24
104 Muslimunge Gulhun MIRA103/2012/05 07-May-12 30-Jun-22
105 Naifaru Juvenile MIRA103/2019/08 29-Apr-19 30-Jun-23
106 Naseyhai MIRA103/2022/12 26-Jun-22 30-Jun-23
107 Navaara Bahthirees MIRA103/2020/10 08-Sep-20 31-Aug-21
108 Navaranna Foundation MIRA103/2019/20 08-Dec-19 30-Nov-20
109 Parley Maldives MIRA103/2015/13 26-Nov-15 30-Jun-23
110 Peace Foundation MIRA103/2017/02 15-Feb-17 30-Jun-22
111 Project Hope MIRA103/2012/39 09-May-12 30-Jun-23
112 Public Interest Law Centre MIRA103/2019/09 23-Jun-19 30-Jun-23
113 Restaurant Association of Maldives MIRA103/2020/14 22-Nov-20 31-Aug-21
MIRA103/2022/04 27-Jan-22 30-Jun-23
114 Save Our Waves MIRA103/2021/25 21-Nov-21 30-Jun-22
115 Save the Beach Maldives MIRA103/2019/18 12-Nov-19 30-Jun-23
116 Small Island Geographic Society MIRA103/2018/12 04-Jul-18 30-Jun-23
117 SME and Entrepreneurs Federation of Maldives (SEFM) MIRA103/2019/06 24-Mar-19 30-Jun-22
118 Society For Health Education MIRA103/2021/07 21-Feb-21 30-Jun-23
  Soneva Namoona MIRA103/2020/15 22-Dec-20 30-Jun-23
120 Sun Siyam Care MIRA103/2012/12 07-May-12 30-Jun-24
121 Tennis Association of Maldives MIRA103/2019/22 30-Dec-19 30-Jun-23
122 Thakandhoo Ekuveringe Rooh MIRA103/2021/11 17-Mar-21 30-Jun-23
123 The Maldives National University Student’s Union (MNUSU) MIRA103/2020/06 25-Feb-20 30-Jun-23
124 The Scout Association of Maldives MIRA103/2021/29 26-Dec-21 30-Jun-22
125 Tiny Hearts of Maldives MIRA103/2012/35 09-May-12 31-Aug-21
126 Transparency Maldives MIRA103/2012/55 08-Oct-12 30-Jun-23
127 United For My Meedhoo Youth Development MIRA103/2021/31 30-Dec-21 30-Jun-22
128 Uthema MIRA103/2021/04 25-Jan-21 30-Jun-23
129 V.A.M FOUNDATION MIRA103/2013/20 03-Sep-13 30-Jun-23
130 Villa Foundation MIRA103/2012/11 07-May-12 31-Aug-21
MIRA103/2022/11 19-Jun-22 30-Jun-23
131 Vitric MIRA103/2017/06 14-Mar-17 30-Jun-18
132 Watercare MIRA103/2019/11 10-Jul-19 30-Jun-22
133 Women Entrepreneurs Association of Maldives MIRA103/2021/09 25-Feb-21 30-Jun-23
134 Women in Tech Maldives MIRA103/2019/21 11-Dec-19 30-Jun-23
135 Women of Will (WOW) MIRA103/2021/20 22-Aug-21 30-Jun-22
136 Women on Boards MIRA103/2015/06 05-May-15 30-Jun-23
137 Zigzag for Youth Linkage MIRA103/2021/17 03-Jun-21 30-Jun-22
138 Zurash Foundation MIRA103/2017/18 17-Aug-17 30-Jun-23
139 Small Island Research Group MIRA103/2023/05 28-Feb-23 30-Jun-24
140  Muni Foundation MIRA103/2023/08 12-Mar-23 30-Jun-24
141  Maldives Seafood Processors and Exporters Association MIRA103/2023/06 28-Feb-23 30-Jun-24
142  Island Islamic Mission MIRA103/2023/07 05-Mar-23 30-Jun-24
143  Hashiheyo Muazzafunge Gulhun  MIRA103/2023/04 26-Feb-23 30-Jun-24
144 Junior Chamber International Maldives MIRA103/2023/11 19-Apr-23 30-Jun-24
145 Maidhaan MIRA103/2023/12 08-May-23 30-Jun-24
146 Hulhudhuffaaru Development Association MIRA103/2023/10 09-Apr-23 30-Jun-24
147 Unity Foundation MIRA103/2023/03 12-Feb-23 30-Jun-24
148 Maldives Journalist Association MIRA103/2023/02 09-Jan-23 30-Jun-24
149  Advocating the Rights of Children (ARC) MIRA103/2023/09 24-May-23 30-Jun-24
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