Do I need to file a GST Return?

If you are registered for GST you are required to file GST return irrespective of whether your business was active during the period.

Your GST return must be filed, and GST must be paid, by the 28th of the month following the end of your taxable period. If you are a monthly filer, you must file the return by the 28th of the following month. If you are a quarterly filer, you must file the return as per the schedule below.

Taxable period Deadline
1st Quarter (January – March) 28 April 
2nd Quarter (April – June) 28 July 
3rd Quarter (July – September) 28 October 
4th Quarter (October – December) 28 January 

If the due date for your GST return falls on a weekend or a public holiday, it will be due on the next working day. 

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