MIRA Club elects members for the new executive committee

MIRA club has elected members for the executive committee of 2016. Upon completion of the tenure of the previous executive committee members, elections were held on 3 April and 10 April 2016.  Newly elected members were Ali Zaid Mohamed from Taxpayer Service (president), Mohamed Jinah Ibrahim from independent departments (Vice president) , Aminath Naifa from Corporate Service, Mariyam Jaidha from Technical and Public Awareness, Moosa Jinah from Compliance, Mariyam Nahula Abdul Gayyoom from Enforcement, Mohamed Shahid from Senior Staff, Fathimath Yamaani Ahmed from Audit & Investigation, and Mariyam Nishaanaa from Large Taxpayer Service.

MIRA Club organized various activities last year to strengthen the friendship and unity among the staff. One of the major objectives of MIRA Club in organizing these activities was to increase the staff participation in the activities.

As such, MIRA’s very first inter department handball tournament, and self-defense training, in cooperation with Maldives Police Service, and the first inter department fishing race were all held last year. For the first time, a women’s team from MIRA also participated in the “Club Maldives Cup” and secured all three points in its very first match. The annually held CG Cup Futsal tournament was also held at Henveiru Ground in 2016 featuring men’s and women’s teams in a highly competitive round of matches. MIRA also participated in one of its most successful sports, netball in the inter office tournament and made it to the quarterfinals, winning the best cheerleading team of the tournament. MIRA’s cricket team was in the semifinal of Inter Office Ramadan Cricket Carnival. As an initiative by the club, large number of MIRA staff participated in the 2015 Down Syndrome Day Walk organized by the Beautiful Eyes of Maldives.