MIRA introduces online token system

MIRA has introduced an online token system where taxpayers can get the token for MIRA’s services online. This service was launched at the ceremony to open the renovated Taxpayer Service Centre. Speaking at the event, the Guest of Honor, Minister of Finance and Treasury Mr. Abdulla Jihad said that MIRA is an organisation that is continuously striving to provide better service and that this new service would make filing returns and making payments more convenient for taxpayers.

Those who wish to get their service token online can download the QueueBee app and access MIRA’s online token system. To access MIRA’s services on the app, taxpayers would need to scan the QR code for MIRA’s services. This QR code is available on MIRA’s website. When a taxpayer takes a token from the system, the app will display how many people are ahead and also give an alert when the token is called – and by which counter. 

The introduction of this online system is part of MIRA’s work to continuously improve its services to taxpayers and provide convenient means for taxpayers to fulfill their tax obligations.