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Persons’ carrying on business in Male’ Region (Male, Vilimale’ Hulhumale’ and Thilafushi)

Name Address TIN Activities Atoll Island

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Persons’ carrying on business in the Tourism Sector

Name Address TAN Activities Atoll Island

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Persons’ carrying business outside Male' region

Name Address TIN Activities Atoll Island

* Unable to contact from the number(s) provided to MIRA

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Persons’ carrying on business in Male’ Region (Male, Vilimale’ Hulhumale’ and Thilafushi)

Name Address TIN Activities Atoll Island

*A.S.I.T Holdings Private Limited DMK Building / Maafannu / Male' City 1083482GST501 A.S.I.T Holdings Private Limited; A.S.I.T Holdings Male' City Maafannu

*Abdulla Maumoon Sweet Dream / Gdh. Thinadhoo 1061390GST501 Letria Investments Male' City Henveiru

*Abdulla Rashad Dhiggakuri / Villimale' / Male' City 1083837GST501 Grill House Male' City Villimale'

*Adam Ali Dhaftharu No.5572 / Male' City 1020636GST501 Aliroadhi Juice Point Male' City Hulhumale'

*Adhara Private Limited Gulkandh / Henveiru / Male' City 1088539GST501 Momkins Male' City Henveiru

*Ahmed Nadeem Dhaftharu. No RS 9160 / Male' City 1023415GST501 Theethaa Counter Male' City Maafannu

*Ahmed Nazeef Dhoththadafige / Maafannu / Male' City 1065565GST501 Bentheyo Mart Male' City Maafannu

*Ahmed Riyaz Medhufinolhu / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1005176GST501 D-Drive Male' City Henveiru

*Ahsan Zahir Shibrose Villa / Maafannu / Male' City 1016052GST501 Tendances Male' City Henveiru

*Ali Fayaz Sarumaage / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1069986GST501 Sun Cushion Male' City Henveiru

*Alliaad Pvt Ltd Daisy Villa / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1012695GST501 Alliaad Pvt Ltd Male' City Mahchangoalhi

*Aminath Ibrahim Fehi Villa / Adh. Dhangethi 1078451GST501 Shajoo ADh. Kudarah

*Castaway Maldives Pvt Ltd Vahaari / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1019957GST501 Castaway Maldives Pvt Ltd; Castaway Maldives(Counter); Staff Shop At Drift Thelu Veliga Retreat Male' City Mahchangoalhi

*Elegancy Maldives Private Limited Dhahara Villa / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1068829GST501 Elegancy Maldives Private Limited Male' City Mahchangoalhi

*Fathun & Ayu Investments Lhaimagu / Henveiru / Male' City 1092106GST501 Seera Hulhumale' Male' City Hulhumale'

*HID Builders Pte Ltd 53 UBI Avenue 1 / R. Maamunagau 1094614GST501 Hid Builders Pte Ltd R. Maamunagau

*Ibrahim Naheez Hanimaadhooge / Ha. Kelaa 1024587GST501 Hot Grill; Zeehan Investment Male' City Hulhumale'

*Ibrahim Waheed Dhaftharu No. 12669 / Male' City 1029792GST501 Sawa Mart Male' City Henveiru

*In. Tek Furnishing Pte. Ltd Enterprise Hub Singapore 1060058GST501 In. Tek Furnishing Pte. Ltd Male' City Maafannu

*Mathana Private Limited Dhigalagedharu / Fuvahmulah Dhiguvaadu / Fuvahmulah City 1056778GST501 Bend The Trend Male' City Galolhu

*Mohamed Ivan Asim Rio / Villimale' / Male' City 1011028GST501 Barbacoa Male' City Hulhumale'

*Mohamed Junaid Dhaftharu No. 5252 / Male' City 1016705GST501 Joshim Cafe Male' City Mahchangoalhi

*Mohamed Majid Creamge / Galolhu / Male' City 1010883GST502 Mezzo Mohamed Male' City Galolhu

*Mohamed Shahid Tennis ge / Hithadhoo / Addu City 1050494GST501 Glow Food Shop HA. MANAFARU

*New Laya Construction Private Limited Kurinbee Lodge / Maafannu / Male' City 1066558GST501 New Laya Construction Private Limited Male' City Maafannu

*Nino (M) Sdn Bhd K. Kanifinolhu 1088837GST501 Nino (M) Sdn Bhd K. Kanifinolhu

*Pinhole Pvt Ltd Dhilaasaage / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1012852GST501 Pinhole Pvt Ltd Male' City Mahchangoalhi

*Proficient Pest Solutions Private Limited Choir / Henveiru / Male' City 1086148GST501 Proficient Pest Solutions Private Limited Male' City Henveiru

*Sharu Launch Services Pvt Ltd Meerubahuruge Aage / Henveiru / Male' City 1000743GST501 Sharu Launch Service Male' City Maafannu

*Sileyha Construction And Trade Pvt Ltd Gumree / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1011319GST501 Sileyha Construction And Trade Pvt Ltd Male' City Mahchangoalhi

*Star Gem International Private Limited Gdh. Konottaa 1071819GST501 Stargem International Private Limited GDh. Konottaa

*Uzaira Raamiz Gaamaadhoo / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1106960GST501 Jugo Queen Male' City Hulhumale'

*Walkers CML International Private Limited Whale Shark / Maafannu / Male' City 1066609GST501 Walkers Cml International Private Limited; Walkers Cml International Male' City Maafannu

*Welding And Construction Works Pvt Ltd Sithaaraa / Maafannu / Male' City 1009809GST501 W.C.W Welding & Construction Works; W.C.W Welding And Construction Works (Counter) Male' City Galolhu

*Widence Maldives Private Limited Binmaage / B. Eydhafushi 1080864GST501 Rasvaaru; Widence Maldives Private Limited Male' City Maafannu

*Wuz Construction Pvt Ltd Dhaftharu. No 3840 / Male' City 1023781GST501 Wuz Construction Pvt Ltd Male' City Henveiru

3 Hearts Investments Private Limited Dhon Bageechaage / Galolhu / Male' City 1076168GST501 3 Hearts Investments Private Limited; Tendrils Male' City Galolhu

Addu Reef Fisheries Pvt Ltd Kashmeeruge / Galolhu / Male' City 1048766GST501 Addu Reef Fisheries Pvt Ltd; Addu Reef Fisheries (Counter) Male' City Galolhu

Agents Arena Private Limited Hiya koalhi / Henveiru / Male' City 1089940GST501 Agents Arena Private Limited; Kingsman Koisk Male' City Henveiru

Ahmed Azleem Ibrahim Hudhufaiyfiiage / Hithadhoo / Addu City 1012779GST501 Silver Cube Male' City Maafannu

Ahmed Mohamed Rishthaa / Fuvahmulah Malegan / Fuvahmulah City 1030297GST501 Verso; Verso Online Male' City Henveiru

Ahmed Sabig Sakeena Manzil / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1001962GST501 G L Shop; Season Trade; Golden Lane Addu; G.L Kids Zone; Golden Lane -1 (Counter); Parkway3; Park Way-2; Gl Xclusive; G.L Style; Diplomat-2 Male' City Mahchangoalhi

Ahmed Saeed Nayaage / Hithadhoo / Addu City 1002530GST501 Imprint Male' City Henveiru

Aishath Leela Happy Villa / Henveiru / Male' City 1009801GST501 Kings Corner Male' City Henveiru

Aishath Yoosuf Marvelous Garden / Maafannu / Male' City 1075688GST501 Marvelous Trade Male' City Maafannu

Ali Ikram Farukani / Galolhu / Male' City 1039444GST501 Two Cents Male' City Maafannu

Ali Yoosuf Dhaftharu No RS 10082 / Henveiru / Male' City 1047246GST501 Frozen Tech Male' City Henveiru

Alman Maldives Pvt Ltd Lilac View / Henveiru / Male' City 1003025GST501 Alman Maldives Private Limited Male' City Henveiru

Alternate Solution Private Limited Nihaali / Henveiru / Male' City 1074142GST501 Alternate Solution Private Limited Male' City Henveiru

Aminath Hauma Hassan Maavaarulu / Galolhu / Male' City 1092879GST501 Wild Cherries Male' City Galolhu

Athaau Rahman Dhebudhaaruge / Hdh. Vaikaradhoo 1019648GST501 Longfins Suppliers Male' City Mahchangoalhi

BM Private Limited Fashuvige / Maafannu / Male' City 1059653GST501 Bm Private Limited; Bm (Counter) Male' City Maafannu

Boxwish Private Limited Real / Henveiru / Male' City 1093280GST501 Boxwish Private Limited Male' City Henveiru

Brimstone Construction Pvt Ltd Mizamaan / Galolhu / Male' City 1019407GST501 Brimstone Construction Counter Male' City Galolhu

Brixco Private Limited Dhimishqu / Maafannu / Male' City 1074735GST501 Brixco Private Limited Male' City Maafannu

Cable Link Pvt Ltd Dhunifaru / Henveiru / Male' City 1012254GST501 Cable Link Private Limited Male' City Henveiru

Colossal Holdings Private Limited Kudarikiluge Aage / Henveiru / Male' City 1104768GST501 Colossal Holdings Private Limited Male' City Henveiru

Fathimath Saeed Dawn House / Henveiru / Male' City 1031253GST501 S.Y.S Maldives Male' City Maafannu

Fathimath Shakeela Dhabuvilla Ge / Hithadhoo / Addu City 1079210GST501 Xena; I Xena Male' City Hulhumale'

Green Tree Private Limited Vahtheenige / B. Eydhafushi 1057021GST501 Green Tree Private Limited; Green Fresh Male' City Henveiru

Hamdhu Maldives Pvt Ltd Sosun Flower / Henveiru / Male' City 1021648GST501 Hamdhu Maldives Pvt Ltd Male' City Henveiru

Hassan Latheef Seenia Villa / Maafannu / Male' City 1033110GST501 Shen Mini Mart Male' City Hulhumale'

Hassan Mughnee Sandhaleege / Henveiru / Male' City 1046751GST501 Joy Supplies & Logistics; Bread Town Male' City Henveiru

Hassan Sujaan Rose Meed / Hdh. Neykurendhoo 1052109GST501 Lotus Root Kitchen + Restaurant Male' City Henveiru

Hoara Express Thuvaru / Henveiru / Male' City 1088497GST501 Hoara Express; Hoara Express Male' City Henveiru

Ilyas Ibrahim Ufanveli / N. Holhudhoo 1019644GST501 Vaavu Ice Male' City Maafannu

Ink Lab Private Limited Hulhumale' Lot No 10214 / Hulhumale' / Male' City 1106987GST501 Ink Lab Private Limited Male' City Hulhumale'

Island Logistics Pvt Ltd Konkeeliyaa / Maafannu / Male' City 1018037GST501 Island Logistics Pvt Ltd Male' City Maafannu

Ismail Shamil Dhilshaadhuge / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1024612GST501 Meydhaa Store Male' City Henveiru

Ismail Siraj Hingaaru / Dh. Kudahuvadhoo 1010007GST501 Omid Male' City Maafannu

Lajna Abdul Samad Husnuheenavilla / Meedhoo / Addu City 1108438GST501 I.Pick Male' City Mahchangoalhi

Licamac Private Limited Sentheleena / Maafannu / Male' City 1097995GST501 Licamac Private Limited Male' City Maafannu

Manaaziru Construction & Trading Private Limited Mathikibaage / Villimale' / Male' City 1077014GST501 Manaaziru Construction & Trading Private Limited Male' City Villimale'

Mariyam Abdul Hakeem Helageli / Gdh. Thinadhoo 1069227GST501 Marino Kids; Marino Male' City Hulhumale'

Mariyam Yasnee Mohamed Rukumaage / Henveiru / Male' City 1091793GST501 Corporate Advertising Male' City Henveiru

Metanoia Private Limited Musthafaa Aabaadhu / Maafannu / Male' City 1069814GST501 Metanoia Private Limited; Metanoia; The Sandwich Baa Male' City Maafannu

Minds-On Private Limited Wealden / R. Ungoofaaru 1046131GST502 Minds-On Private Limited; Hide Cafe And Bistro Male' City Galolhu

Mohamed Asad Lucky Star / Gdh. Hoadedhdhoo 1048755GST501 Yaya F.F Male' City Mahchangoalhi

Mohamed Fareeh Sweet Dream / M. Maduvvari 1018461GST501 W.S.S Investment Male' City Maafannu

Mohamed Hameed Kudhimaage / Ha. Hoarafushi 1025307GST501 Izz Investment; V1A2809 (Crane); Ajaa Mart Male' City Maafannu

Mohamed Mahfooz Aman / Maradhoo / Addu City 1014801GST501 Mm Fresh Mart Male' City Galolhu

Mohamed Mijadh Ahmed Blue Bird ge / Maafannu / Male' City 1045377GST501 Kan Kun Male' City Galolhu

Mohamed Muja Vaimatheege / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1016576GST501 Café Seppia Male' City Maafannu

Mohamed Musthafa Ibrahim Musthafaa Aabaadhu / Maafannu / Male' City 1040589GST501 Imnaa Mariyaadh Male' City Maafannu

Mohamed Nizam Vaijeheyge / Dh. Kudahuvadhoo 1009832GST501 Haun Mart Male' City Henveiru

Mohamed Rasha Adam Asareege / Th. Thimarafushi 1015019GST502 Descendant Male' City Henveiru

Mohamed Yoosuf Loover / Maafannu / Male' City 1014672GST501 Kuwa Shop Male' City Mahchangoalhi

Moosa Saffan Acacia / Henveiru / Male' City 1013869GST501 The White House Male' City Henveiru

Moosa Shiyam Noomas / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1006199GST501 Slippers: Moosa 43; Power Of Herbal Natural Male' City Henveiru

Nishwa Rasheed Dhoores / Ga. Kolamaafushi 1094416GST501 Voguish Kids Male' City Mahchangoalhi

Niyaz Jaleel Zest / Hithadhoo / Addu City 1088676GST501 J.S.B Traders; Le Marche Male' City Maafannu

Nous Private Limited Meedhoo / Henveiru / Male' City 1076151GST501 Nous Private Limited Male' City Henveiru

Pick Me Maldives Private Limited Kalhu Muraka / Maafannu / Male' City 1096343GST501 Pick Me Maldives Private Limited Male' City Maafannu

Rapido Logistics Private Limited Salveeniyaa / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1095142GST501 Rapido Logistics Private Limited Male' City Mahchangoalhi

Rashu Himeyn Investment Private Limited Regina / Henveiru / Male' City 1077233GST501 Rashu Himeyn Investment Private Limited; Rashu Salaam Male' City Henveiru

Reesan Enterprises Private Limited Okkafage / Henveiru / Male' City 1067514GST501 Reesan Enterprises Private Limited; Reesan Enterprises Male' City Henveiru

Saeed Abdulla Dhaftharu No 10518 / Male' City 1006315GST502 K.M.S Trade Male' City Maafannu

Seafari Adventures Maldives Private Limited Shafaq / Galolhu / Male' City 1059594GST501 Seafari Adventures Maldives Private Limited; Seafari Adventures Maldives Male' City Galolhu

Sil V LLP Beauty Night / Henveiru / Male' City 1093052GST501 Sil V Llp Male' City Henveiru

Skytop Private Limited Vaffaru / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1087991GST501 Skytop Private Limited Male' City Mahchangoalhi

Southern Gate Private Limited West View / Maradhoo-Feydhoo / Addu City 1066987GST501 The Fresh Grocer; Southern Gate; Southern Gate Private Limited Male' City Hulhumale'

The Perch Private Limited Helengeli / Galolhu / Male' City 1069949GST501 The Perch Private Limited; The Perch Male' City Galolhu

Transida Private Limited Dhoores / Maafannu / Male' City 1083178GST501 Transida Private Limited; Transida; The Cocoa Trees Male' City Maafannu

Troika Traders Private Limited Kundige / Maafannu / Male' City 1086614GST501 Troika Traders Private Limited; Troika Traders Male' City Maafannu

Tropicstar Investments Pvt Ltd Anemone / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1048846GST501 International Psychology Consultations; International Psychology Consultations Male' City Mahchangoalhi

True Service Company Private Limited Nooru Villa / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1011335GST501 True Service Company (Counter); True Service Company Pvt Ltd Male' City Mahchangoalhi

Tune Key Auto Partners Kurikeela Hiyaa / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1054939GST501 Tune Key Auto Partners; Tune Key Auto Male' City Mahchangoalhi

Visio Private Limited Filaa Building-1 / Maafannu / Male' City 1004505GST501 Spice Hut Male' City Henveiru

W.S.S Construction Private Limited Zebeyi / Maafannu / Male' City 1078803GST501 W.S.S Construction Private Limited Male' City Maafannu

Wings Paper Products Pvt Ltd Raahi / Villimale' / Male' City 1001425GST501 Wings Paper Products Pvt Ltd Male' City Mahchangoalhi

Xerum Construction Private Limited Murex / Henveiru / Male' City 1086544GST501 Xerum Construction Private Limited Male' City Maafannu

Zeenath Niuma Daisy Maage / N. Manadhoo 1074014GST501 Facino Bella Male' City Mahchangoalhi

Zinta Private Limited Maizan / Henveiru / Male' City 1090162GST501 Zinta Private Limited Male' City Henveiru

ZST LLP Dhushim / Maafannu / Male' City 1088559GST501 Zst Llp; Ray Mart 3 Male' City Maafannu

Zulaikha Ibrahim Veevaru / Maafannu / Male' City 1019191GST501 Bimbus Tailors Male' City Maafannu

* Unable to contact from the number(s) provided to MIRA

Persons’ carrying on business in the Tourism Sector

Name Address TAN Activities Atoll Island

*Apple Investment Pvt Ltd Acacia / Henveiru / Male' City 1007546GST001 Thoddoo Ocean Front Male' City Henveiru

*H And J International Pvt Ltd Lily Beach Resort And Spa / Adh. Huvahendhoo 1001044GST001 H And J Gem And Jewellery Shop ADh. Huvahendhoo

*Star Gem International Private Limited Gdh. Konottaa 1071819GST001 Star Gem International Outrigger Konotta GDh. Konottaa

Abdul Hannan Moosa Hulhaguge / Adh.Omadhoo 1024961GST001 Scuba Inn Adh. Omadhoo

Abdulla Siyam Fehi Ali / Aa.Thoddoo 1052968GST001 Thoddoo Retreat Aa. Thoddoo

Abdulla Zahir Dhaftharu No RS 9040 / Male' City 1047012GST001 Coral Queen Inn Male' City Hulhumale'

Ahmed Shameem Forest / M.Mulah 1010750GST001 Kandoofa Village M. Mulah

Anywhere Maldives Private Limited Sheba / Henveiru / Male' City 1085807GST001 Anywhere Maldives Private Limited Male' City Henveiru

Ari Heaven Private Limited Murigu / Aa.Thoddoo 1077791GST001 Ari Heaven Aa. Thoddoo

Aviary And Sons LLP Aviary / Hithadhoo / Addu City 1104428GST001 Beach Side Digi Coral K. Henbadhoo

Beach Stay Maldives Private Limited Shabnameege / Dh.Meedhoo 1053539GST001 360 View; Beach Stay Maldives Dh. Meedhoo

Beachside Treasures Private Limited Fathis / Aa.Thoddoo 1083435GST001 Sunrise Inn Aa. Thoddoo

Bon Free Private Limited Aage (East Wing) / Henveiru / Male' City 1000858GST001 Jw Marriott Maldives Resort & Spa Sh. Vagaru

Fuad Ahmed Rasfari / Aa.Ukulhas 1051374GST001 Moodhu Inn Aa. Ukulhas

Hotel Muraka Maldives Private Limited Udhuhey Villa / Maafannu / Male' City 1086346GST001 Muraka Beach View K. Gulhi

Hotel Muraka Maldives Private Limited Udhuhey Villa / Maafannu / Male' City 1086346GST002 Muraka Inn K. Gulhi

Ibrahim Adam Jabroalugasdhosuge / Aa.Rasdhoo 1013312GST002 Rasdhoo Grand And Spa Aa. Rasdhoo

Ihushan Sunny and Partners Zamaanee Kula / K.Maafushi 1018810GST001 Isle Beach Inn K. Maafushi

Khadheeja Abdul Sattaar Champaamaage / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1014515GST002 Beach Sunrise Inn Male' City Hulhumale'

LW Maldives Private Limited Havaa / Maafannu / Male' City 1082712GST001 Lw Maldives Holidays Male' City Maafannu

Mir Thahseenul Islam Najuvaa / Sh.Funadhoo 1052605GST001 Queen'S Kitchen Male' City Hulhumale'

Mohamed Anwar Rasfari / Aa.Ukulhas 1057490GST001 Starry Night At Ulkulhas Aa. Ukulhas

Mohamed Imran Khaleel Hathaa / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1047026GST001 Royal Pearl Inn K. Maafushi

Mohamed Juman Shareef Dew Drop / Henveiru / Male' City 1017281GST001 Em Beach Maldives K. Himmafushi

Mohamed Nizam Radiumge / B.Fulhadhoo 1024150GST001 Villa Marina B. Fulhadhoo

Palm Republica Pvt Ltd Winter Blue / Henveiru / Male' City 1020935GST001 Palm Republica Male' City Maafannu

Picnic Inn White Fish / K.Maafushi 1047895GST001 Picnic Inn K. Maafushi

Reethi Rasdhoo Atoll Company Pvt Ltd Lilymeed / Aa.Rasdhoo 1047375GST001 Coconut Garden; Rasdhoo Atoll Residence Aa. Rasdhoo

Rifath Mohamed Venus Villa / Adh.Maamigili 1050559GST001 Koimala Sky Inn Adh. Maamigili

Sancia Partnership Manzil / V.Fulidhoo 1066767GST001 Sancia Lodge V. Fulidhoo

Shamsul Huda Mohamed Hiyaavahi / Aa.Rasdhoo 1071991GST001 Palm Residence Aa. Rasdhoo

Tropicstar Investments Pvt Ltd Anemone / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1048846GST001 Treasure Voyages Male' City Henveiru

Yonder Holidays Pvt Ltd Kolhala / Henveiru / Male' City 1018046GST003 Yonder Retreat Folhudhoo Aa. Bodufolhudhoo

* Unable to contact from the number(s) provided to MIRA

Persons’ carrying business outside Male' region

Name Address TIN Activities Atoll Island

Abdul Ghanee Mohamed Gulchampaage / Lh.Naifaru 1006984GST501 Alyaa Mart Lh. Naifaru

Abdul Rahmaan Hussain Dhonveli / B.Thulhaadhoo 1090475GST501 Agota Express (Boat) B. Thulhaadhoo

Abdulla Shakeeb Femoaraage / Hdh.Makunudhoo 1007503GST501 R Investment Hdh. Makunudhoo

Abdulla Shifau Four Moons / Maafannu / Male' City 1046452GST501 S.I.J Traders K. Dhiffushi

Abdulla Ziyad Ever Blue / Aa.Ukulhas 1027786GST501 Nevi Transfer Service Aa. Ukulhas

ABZ Private Limited Gulfaamge / Lh.Hinnavaru 1067562GST501 Abz Private Limited Lh. Hinnavaru

Adam Hassan Fulhu Hazarumaage / N.Velidhoo 1047928GST501 Avas Khidhumaiy N. Velidhoo

Afrah Mohamed Sosun Villa / Th.Gaadhiffushi 1070575GST501 Cafe' Xo Th. Gaadhiffushi

Ahmed Ahkaam Funoas / K.Kaashidhoo 1019663GST501 Sandy Traders K. Kaashidhoo

Ahmed Ashfag Fusthulhaage / Gdh.Fares-Maathodaa 1024535GST501 Diyara Gdh. Fares-Maathodaa

Ahmed Asif Naseemeege / K.Maafushi 1007313GST501 Flash Engineering Visitor; Flash Engineering; Marine Flash; Flash Marine; Flash Venture K. Maafushi

Ahmed Aslam Fazaa / Hdh.Kulhudhuffushi 1010041GST501 Baraabaru Hdh. Kulhudhuffushi

Ahmed Fareeh Oceanhaaruge / Gdh.Hoadedhdhoo 1052220GST501 Narrow Gdh. Hoadedhdhoo

Ahmed Hisham Boashimaage / L.Kalaidhoo 1071391GST501 Habibi Cafe' And Bistro L. Kalaidhoo

Ahmed Ibrahim Sunny Side / Hurolhi Mart / ADh.Maamigili 1047971GST501 Hurolhi Mart Adh. Maamigili

Ahmed Jihad Abdulla Gadhage / B. Kendhoo 1017806GST501 Bourse Cafe' B. Kendhoo

Ahmed Musharraf Ziyaaraiydhoshuge / Hdh.Kulhudhuffushi 1003996GST501 Freeze Land Hdh. Kulhudhuffushi

Ahmed Saeed Mohamed Maifoona / Gdh. Vaadhoo 1018200GST501 Ocean Garden Investment Gdh. Vaadhoo

Ahmed Shujau Sheenaaz / Hithadhoo / Addu City 1010619GST501 Power Extreme Addu City Hithadhoo

Aishath Habeeba Guleynooranmaage / Ga.Villingili 1005534GST501 Revise Ga. Villingili

Aishath Wasifa Muraaki / Fuvahmulah Dhandimagu / Fuvahmulah City 1043811GST501 Thoondu Motor Garage Fuvahmulah City Fuvahmulah Dhandimagu

Ali Hassan Seatmaage / L.Maavah 1022516GST501 Seetuma; 3 M A H Store L. Maavah

Ali Ibrahim Kanmatheege / Gdh.Vaadhoo 1075822GST501 Yellow Apple Investment Gdh. Vaadhoo

Ali Idrees Huraa / B.Fehendhoo 1007667GST501 Hura Shop B. Fehendhoo

Ali Mohamed Fantasy / Adh.Maamigili 1015443GST501 Canary Items Adh. Maamigili

Ali Mohamed Finivaa Aage / R.Kadholhudhoo 1050551GST501 Faskuri Parts R. Dhuvaafaru

Ali Rafeeu Saahil / Sh.Goidhoo 1011926GST501 Aaraa Investments Sh. Goidhoo

Ali Riza Seetmaage / L.Gaadhoo 1098090GST501 Cafe Wahtafaalhi L. Gaadhoo

Ali Shaan Bluekiyaage / B.Kendhoo 1068225GST501 Shaans Groceries B. Kendhoo

Ali Shameem Ahmed Bahaaruge / R.Rasgetheemu 1013419GST501 Rajab R. Rasgetheemu

Ali Zafran Shabnamge / B.Kendhoo 1078449GST501 Thanbivah B. Kendhoo

Aminath Hassan Maajehige / Aa.Thoddoo 1010670GST501 Maajehi Store 2 Aa. Thoddoo

Aminath Siyama Riveli / M.Kolhufushi 1051230GST501 Revolution M. Kolhufushi

Amir Mohamed Endherimaage / ADh.Fenfushi 1022363GST501 Niyaama (Dhoani); Neesha Blocks Adh. Fenfushi

Amjad Hussain Karishma / Th.Hirilandhoo 1063520GST501 Am Works Th. Hirilandhoo

Amjad Mohamed Hameed Venus Villa / ADh.Maamigili 1010226GST501 Cool Light Adh. Maamigili

Apexsia Pvt Ltd Vinares / Fuvahmulah Maadhandu / Fuvahmulah City 1020026GST501 Apexsia Pvt Ltd; Apexsia Fuvahmulah City Fuvahmulah Maadhandu

Ari Heaven Private Limited Murigu / Aa.Thoddoo 1077791GST501 Ari Heaven Private Limited; Ari Brothers Aa. Thoddoo

Asdhoo Investment Private Limited Asdhoo / R.Meedhoo 1070519GST501 Asdhoo Investment Private Limited R. Meedhoo

Azmeena Mohamed Asurumaage / B.Kendhoo 1088057GST501 Innovation Construction Mv B. Kendhoo

Bahm Company Private Limited Makhmaagasdhoshuge / Hithadhoo / Addu City 1053993GST501 Bahm Company Private Limited Addu City Hithadhoo

Beachside Treasures Private Limited Fathis / Aa.Thoddoo 1083435GST501 Beachside Treasures Private Limited Aa. Thoddoo

BLG Enterprises Private Limited Dhon Abuge / Meedhoo / Addu City 1078390GST501 Blg Enterprises Private Limited Addu City Meedhoo

Blue Moon Light Trading Private Limited Link / K.Thulusdhoo 1058773GST501 Blue Moon Light Trading Private Limited K. Thulusdhoo

Boavaa Partners LLP Sunny Dale / Gdh.Thinadhoo 1089666GST501 Boavaa Partners Llp; Water Deck Gdh. Thinadhoo

Ceynergy Overseas Private Limited Abadhah Hiya / K. Guraidhoo 1091010GST501 Ceynergy Overseas Private Limited K. Guraidhoo

Color Builders Private Limited Meezan / N.Miladhoo 1018619GST501 Color Builders Private Limited N. Miladhoo

Day Works Trading And Services Private Limited Ranrihi / Gdh.Thinadhoo 1067242GST501 Day Works Trading And Services Private Limited Gdh. Thinadhoo

Dots and Seas Bodugaluge / Hithadhoo / Addu City 1081282GST501 Dots And Seas; Chill House Addu City Hithadhoo

Faruhadh Mohamed Nooraanee / L.Fonadhoo 1083066GST501 F.M Gaadiya; F.M Trade L. Fonadhoo

Fazna Ahmed Oivaru / Aa.Rasdhoo 1009491GST501 Palm Shadow Aa. Rasdhoo

Get Low Investments Private Limited Gardening / Gdh.Madaveli 1105854GST501 Get Low Investments Private Limited Gdh. Madaveli

Grouper Maldives Pvt Ltd Noovilu / Lh.Hinnavaru 1003608GST501 Grouper Traders Lh. Hinnavaru

H.A & S Construction Private Limited Violet House / K.Thulusdhoo 1059501GST501 H.A & S Construction Private Limited K. Thulusdhoo

Hashim Mohamed Safeenaa Manzil / R. Alifushi 1062927GST501 Sea Route R. Alifushi

Hassan Isthafa Morning Grow / Th.Madifushi 1035683GST501 Heron Fuel Th. Madifushi

Hassan Raushan Billoorijehige / Aa.Thoddoo 1026772GST501 Mint Garden Restaurant Aa. Thoddoo

Hassan Visam Maakoani / L.Isdhoo 1075592GST501 Visam Decorations L. Isdhoo

Hawwa Siyadha Naseemaa Manzil / Lh.Naifaru 1004428GST501 Cafe Vaataru Paree Lh. Naifaru

Humood Ahmed Nerulhu / Fuvahmulah Dhandimagu / Fuvahmulah City 1066634GST501 Fvm Hot Dish Fuvahmulah City Fuvahmulah Dhoodigan

Hussain Fareeh Maavadige / M.Muli 1073721GST501 Boahura Investment M. Muli

Hussain Mohamed Halavelige / Hithadhoo / Addu City 1011575GST501 Royal Plus Restaurant Addu City Hithadhoo

Hussain Najah Akiri / B.Dharavandhoo 1045481GST501 Oncall Engineering Service; Oncall Engineering Service Showroom B. Dharavandhoo

Hussain Shabeen Hassan Roashaneege / Hithadhoo / Addu City 1060963GST501 Oud Al Sabaya Addu City Hithadhoo

IA Holdings Private Limited Aaveli / Hithadhoo / Addu City 1070574GST501 Ia Holdings Private Limited Addu City Hithadhoo

Ibrahim Ahmed Didi Himitheege / Hithadhoo / Addu City 1003681GST501 My Option Addu City Hithadhoo

Ibrahim Azeez Dheyliyaa House / Hulhudhoo / Addu City 1004781GST501 Seven Three Addu City Hulhudhoo

Ibrahim Gahir Handhuvareege / Gdh.Gadhdhoo 1013715GST501 Buy N Go K. Thilafushi

Ibrahim Mohamed Moonlight / R.Maakurathu 1021497GST501 Arolhi R. Maakurathu

Ibrahim Nazim Nayaa / V.Thinadhoo 1009547GST501 Najumaa V. Thinadhoo

Ibrahim Rasheed Dhiggaagasdhoshuge / Gdh.Vaadhoo 1011330GST501 H.V Electrical Investment Gdh. Vaadhoo

Ibrahim Shafeeg Bageechaa Aage / K.Kaashidhoo 1005770GST501 Nan Huri K. Kaashidhoo

Ibrahim Yoosuf Dhonveli / N.Manadhoo 1080506GST501 Gondi Cafe' N. Manadhoo

Ibrahim Zameer Kethi / N.Kendhikolhudhoo 1030543GST501 Naxam Investment N. Kendhikolhudhoo

Illume Pvt Ltd Guldhamge / Hithadhoo / Addu City 1050859GST501 Illume Pvt Ltd Addu City Hithadhoo

Itouch Blue Pvt Ltd Fihaaraage / V.Keyodhoo 1047520GST501 Itouch Blue Diving Centre V. Keyodhoo

Jamsheed Vadige / Dh.Meedhoo 1071698GST501 Jrh Mart; J.R.H Café Dh. Meedhoo

Just Surf Pvt Ltd Ameer Ahmed Magu / Henveiru / Male' City 1018101GST501 Just Dive K. Himmafushi

Kolhumadulu Guraidhoo Council Idhaara Guraidhoo Council Idhaara / Th.Guraidhoo 1010312GST501 Guraidhoo Store Th. Guraidhoo

Luxolite Private Limited Alivileyge / Ga.Kolamaafushi 1065806GST501 Luxolite Private Limited Ga. Kolamaafushi

Luxus Private Limited Fenfini / K.Maafushi 1106052GST501 Luxus Private Limited; Luxus K. Maafushi

M&M International Construction Company Private Lim Gasru / Hulhudhoo / Addu City 1084149GST501 M&M International Construction Company Private Limited Addu City Hulhudhoo

M.G.G Company Private Limited Housten / Gdh.Madaveli 1088548GST501 M.G.G Company Private Limited; G - Choice Gdh. Madaveli

Massood Ahmed Bokarumaa Villa / Ga.Villingili 1008301GST501 Esquina Avenue; Esquina Ga. Villingili

Maumoon Rasheed Fazaa / Sh.Foakaidhoo 1032771GST501 Seven Son Sh. Foakaidhoo

Midhuhath Nasir Ezeyliya / Th.Veymandoo 1050855GST501 Nine Zone Th. Veymandoo

Mohamed Abdul Kareem Valencia / Adh.Dhigurah 1028974GST501 Clown Corise Adh. Dhigurah

Mohamed Abdulla Husnuheenaage / N.Kendhikolhudhoo 1002100GST501 Kulavaru N. Kendhikolhudhoo

Mohamed Abdulla Thakulafathige / Ga.Dhaandhoo 1005754GST501 D.Mart; Muniyaa; Muniyaa 02 Ga. Dhaandhoo

Mohamed Anwar Rasfari / Aa.Ukulhas 1057490GST501 Starry Night At Ulkulhas Aa. Ukulhas

Mohamed Asim Bushree Vision / Ga.Villingili 1058985GST501 Rausim Investment Ga. Villingili

Mohamed Gasim Rankokaage / Ga.Kolamaafushi 1009907GST501 Rankokaa Store Ga. Kolamaafushi

Mohamed Hussain Bidhdhoshuge / Ga.Kanduhulhudhoo 1048171GST501 Hau Investment; P Ten Investment Ga. Kanduhulhudhoo

Mohamed Ishan Kuri / Sh.Komandoo 1087103GST501 Delivius Sh. Komandoo

Mohamed Ismail Greenge / Lh.Hinnavaru 1024417GST501 Fashion Special LH. Hinnavaru

Mohamed Naaiz Nelivaru / K.Kaashidhoo 1045431GST501 Express Avenue K. Kaashidhoo

Mohamed Naushad Anbugasdhoshuge / Th.Thimarafushi 1018435GST501 Rn Investment Th. Thimarafushi

Mohamed Qasim Kaamineege / N.Kudafari 1009453GST501 Kaaminee Mart N. Kudafari

Mohamed Rasheed Moodhumaage / Lh.Naifaru 1088091GST501 Lucida Lh. Naifaru

Mohamed Shaheed Dhilshaadhu Villa / Hulhudhoo / Addu City 1091800GST501 2S2I Investments Gdh. Gadhdhoo

Mohamed Simal Malathereyge / Sh.Milandhoo 1028923GST501 Ilam Wear Sh. Milandhoo

Mohamed Siraj Dhaftharu No. 3867 / Maafannu / Male' City 1035698GST501 Crown Plaza Th. Dhiyamigili

Mohamed Sobah Lilyge / Gdh.Vaadhoo 1069625GST501 Farnod Investment Gdh. Vaadhoo

Mohamed Ziya Baadhey Saba / Adh.Dhidhdhoo 1074421GST501 Baadhey Shop Adh. Dhigurah

Moosa Anwar Orchidge / Hithadhoo / Addu City 1004753GST501 I T Mate Addu City Hithadhoo

Moosa Faheem Meezaan / N.Miladhoo 1018618GST501 Cb Wood Gate N. Miladhoo

Moosa Mohamed Bodugaluge / Hithadhoo / Addu City 1071364GST501 Nine Dots Addu City Hithadhoo

Moosa Niyaz Cool House / Ha.Baarah 1017490GST501 Thilaadh Ha. Baarah

Muaz Mohamed Rasheed Neptune / Gdh.Madaveli 1049388GST501 No Doze Gdh. Madaveli

Nexo Maldives Pvt Ltd Chandhaneege / Ha.Hoarafushi 1012614GST501 Nexo Maldives (Counter) Ha. Hoarafushi

Nihad Mohamed Ali Dhanas / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1012531GST501 Paris Fruits And Veg R. Rasgetheemu

Rasheeda Salman Gulshankinaara / Th.Dhiyamigili 1057736GST501 Namoona Fihaara Th. Dhiyamigili

Relax Speed Moonimaage / AA.Thoddoo 1080672GST501 Relax Speed Aa. Thoddoo

Rizmeen Abdul Rasheed Giri / R.Meedhoo 1085513GST501 Fruit Loop R. Meedhoo

Romex Construction Company Pvt Ltd Husnuge / M.Mulah 1005581GST501 Romex Construction Company Pvt Ltd M. Mulah

Royce Private Limited Dhemaagasdhoshuge / Henveiru / Male' City 1061208GST501 Royce Boost Fuvahmulah City Fuvahmulah Miskiymagu

Saeed Mohamed Coral Rose / Gdh.Fiyoari 1022822GST501 Rabaru Cafe Gdh. Fiyoari

Saramy Private Limited Binaa / Th.Thimarafushi 1057181GST501 Saramy Private Limited Th. Thimarafushi

Shaklulla Ali Mercury Light / Maradhoo-Feydhoo / Addu City 1059773GST501 Food Saver Adh. Dhangethi

Sharaful Ameer Kaneerumaage / Gdh.Fares-Maathodaa 1058053GST501 One Shot Gdh. Fares-Maathodaa

Simaah Abdul Hameed Kafamaage / Sh.Maroshi 1037997GST501 Shm Supply Sh. Maroshi

Sims Pvt Ltd Kaneeru Villa / L.Mundhoo 1003385GST501 Superior Choic L. Gan

Sithaa Vadaange Pvt Ltd Kasthoorige / Aa.Rasdhoo 1021707GST501 Sithaa Vadaange Pvt Ltd Aa. Rasdhoo

Zam Investment Mathivaru / Dh.Bandidhoo 1088556GST501 Zam Investment; Zam Mart Dh. Bandidhoo

Zozma Trade And Travels Private Limited Kuri / M.Kolhufushi 1068161GST501 Zozma Trade And Travels Private Limited M. Kolhufushi

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