MIRA advises to be cautious of the upcoming Tax Deadlines

Due to the increase in covid-19 cases recently, in order to protect the taxpayers and service providers from the virus, MIRA has advised taxpayers to be more cautious when visiting MIRA’s counters for services during the upcoming tax deadlines.

According to MIRA, a number of important tax deadlines falls within the last week of the ongoing month of January. In this regard, 28 January 2021 is the deadline for the submission of GST return and payment for December 2020 and fourth quarter of 2020. While, 31 January 2021 is the deadline for submission of Income Tax Second Interim payment for 2020.

MIRA informs that they have observed that a large number of taxpayers have visited MIRA in the past years during such deadlines. However, as currently services are being provided with physical distancing in place due to the ongoing situation in relation to covid-19, MIRA informs that the number of service counters will be less in comparison to previous years. Hence, MIRA requests taxpayers to not wait until the last minute and to fulfill their tax obligations proactively.

Apart from this, MIRA notes that taxpayers can file their GST and Income Tax returns and make payments online via MIRA’s online service MIRAconnect. MIRA informs that MIRAconnect accounts has been issued to all taxpayers. Therefore, MIRA highly encourages all taxpayers to fulfill their tax obligations online. Additionally, MIRA notes that GST nil-return filers can easily file their returns via MIRA’s online service VaaruPay or through MIRA’s mobile application.


26 Jan 21