MIRA updates their Taxpayers’ Charter

MIRA has published their updated Taxpayers’ Charter.

The Taxpayers' Charter outlines MIRA’s service standards and defines what taxpayers and the general public can expect from MIRA. This charter also addresses taxpayer rights and obligations as responsible taxpayers. The purpose of this charter is to facilitate those who receive services from MIRA and it also outlines what they could do to facilitate MIRA as well.

A notable change that has been brought to the Taxpayers’ Charter is the update on MIRA’s service standards. Apart from this, MIRA has emphasized on the importance of using the online services provided by MIRA when fulfilling tax related obligations, on their updated charter.

MIRA informs that a huge importance will be given in providing services in accordance with the service standards specified in the charter. They also noted that it is their objective to maintain their reputation as a professional organization that continues to provide exceptional services to taxpayers.



19 Jan 21