MIRA Collection Centre opened in M. Muli

A MIRA Collection Centre has been officially opened in M. Muli, today. The Collection Center was opened by the President of M. Atoll Council, Sheikh Yoosuf Sidugee, at a special function held at M. Muli.

Muli Collection Centre was opened with the intention of providing the services of MIRA to the taxpayers and the general public residing in this area and to also provide these services as conveniently as possible.

The offices in Atolls will be providing all the services provided by the MIRA main office in Male’. These includes, taxpayer registration, accepting tax returns, collecting taxes and all other fees collected by MIRA. Additionally, they will also be providing tax related information to those who require it.

MIRA currently operates 18 offices in 17 different atolls, facilitating taxpayers residing in the respective atolls.

13 Dec 20