Judgment passed by the Court to settle the Tourism Tax and fines by Reliable Alliance Vacancy Investment Company Pvt. ltd to the MIRA

The Judgment with respect to the case filed with the Civil Court against Reliable Alliance Vacancy Investment Pvt Ltd has been passed in favour of the MIRA today.

The verdict was passed to settle the amount claimed in full, which amounts to MVR US$4392 and MVR 184,000 as evidenced by the documents submitted by the Claimant, within 3 (three) months from 15 July 2012 forth.

MIRA claimed against Reliable Alliance Vacancy Investment Pvt Ltd, for the recovery of the total outstanding Tourism Tax of US$488 for the month of July 2005, US$64 for the month of December 2007, additional Tourism Tax of US$3840 for the period of February 2005 to November 2007, and  accumulated fines that amounts to MVR184,000.

17 Jul 12