DhiraaguPay has been introduced as a Payment Option for MIRA’s VaaruPay

MIRA, in coordination with Dhiraagu, has launched ‘DhiraaguPay’ as a payment option for MIRA’s online service ‘VaaruPay’.  This is a service dedicated towards facilitating payments other than taxes that are being collected by MIRA. The DhiraaguPay payment option was launched in a special event held at MIRA today.

An agreement was signed between MIRA and Dhiraagu during the event held to launch the service. The Deputy Commissioner General of Taxation, Ms. Asma Shafeeu signed this agreement of behalf of MIRA whereas, Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Robin Wall signed this agreement on behalf of Dhiraagu.

The Deputy Commissioner General of Taxation noted in her speech that the introduction of this service is a part of the continuous efforts MIRA puts towards facilitating and improving the service standards of MIRA. She also emphasized that online payment options are becoming more popular day by day, and as large numbers of people are currently making payments via such online platforms, this service could help make the process easier for those receiving services from MIRA. In addition, she also mentioned that MIRA is working towards introducing additional similar services in coordination with similar service providers. The Deputy Commissioner also thanked Dhiraagu for their contribution and support in introducing this service.

The Chief Financial Officer of Dhiraagu, Mr. Robin Wall highlighted in his speech that it was a pleasure to partner with MIRA and facilitate a service that is convenient, safe and reliable via ‘DhiraaguPay’. He also noted that due to this service, it would become more convenient for customers to make payments without having to physically visit the service centers of MIRA and also that they would have an additional option to make their payments online. Apart from this, he also mentioned that Dhiraagu will continue work towards identifying more ways to enhance the digital experience for their customers and introduce new services.

‘VaaruPay’ is being used to collect various payments which includes Company Annual Fee, Vehicle and Vessel Annual Fees, Traffic Violation charges, Zakat al-Mal, Airport Security Pass payments among other payments. ‘VaaruPay’ is available on MIRA website and MIRA Mobile Application.


04 Oct 20