MIRA Starts a New Campaign under the name “Nukuraanama Unikuramaa”

The purpose of ‘Nukuraanama Unikuramaa’ campaign is to deregister those businesses that are registered for GST who do not conduct any business activity, along with businesses who meet the criteria for GST deregistration.

It has come to MIRA’s attention that many businesses who are registered for GST has been continuously filing GST nil-returns and some such businesses have not been filing GST returns at all.

Among these are businesses who have registered for GST but have not been able to commence their business activities, businesses who have registered for GST for the purpose of bid submissions and businesses who have stopped their business activities. However, even such businesses are required to file the GST returns by the deadlines if they are not deregistered from GST and will be subject to fines if they fail to file the returns by the deadlines under the GST Act.

Therefore, the purpose of “Nukuraanama Unikuramaa” campaign is to protect such businesses from such fines and to help businesses that are registered for GST, but do not meet the criteria for GST registration, to deregister their businesses.

Amongst those registered for GST, apart from those businesses that are conducting business in the tourism sector and those businesses who import goods, the rest of the businesses have the option to deregister if their annual income is less that MVR 500,000. For such businesses, if GST related fines incurred due to non-payment is the reason preventing a business from deregistration, MIRA will be facilitating to waive of such fines as well under the campaign.

Therefore, those who wish to deregister from GST under “Nukuraanama Unikuramaa” campaign will need to submit a request for GST deregistration via MIRA 106 form.

MIRA has been continuously conducting various activities and introducing new services to facilitate and assist taxpayers. In regard to this, MIRA has recently facilitated to collect all their major payments online via their online services “MIRAconnect” and “VaaruPay” among other services introduced to facilitate taxpayers.

01 Oct 20