MIRA Facilitates to collect all Taxes and Other Payments Online

MIRA has introduced online services in order to facilitate payments for non-tax payments that are currently not available online. These services will be provided through ‘VaaruPay’, an online service provided by MIRA to facilitate payments for non-tax payments.

Previously, payments including company annual fee, vehicle and vessel annual fees, traffic violation charges, Zakat al-Mal payments could be made online via ‘VaaruPay’. Along with these payments, with the new enhancements introduced via ‘VaaruPay’, all major payments collected by MIRA can now be paid online via ‘VaaruPay’.

Apart from these services, MIRA has introduced a new function to ‘VaaruPay’, where those who make payments online via ‘VaaruPay’ can now re-print their online payment confirmations in any case they need to. Also, GST Nil-Return filers can now easily submit their return online via ‘VaaruPay’ without having to register for a ‘MIRAconnect’ account in order to submit their GST Nil-Returns online.

Alongside these new enhancements to ‘VaaruPay’, MIRA has also introduced part payment options via ‘MIRAconnect’, in order to provide assistance to those taxpayers who are unable to make full tax payments.

Therefore, MIRA highly encourages to use online options and practice social distancing when receiving services provided by MIRA during the ongoing situation regarding Covid-19. 


13 Jul 20