MIRA Discontinues Registering Auditors

With Business Profit Tax Act being abolished with the ratification of the Income Tax Act on 1st January 2020, MIRA has issued a circular announcing that they will no longer continue the process of registering Auditors at MIRA for the purpose of Business Profit Tax Act effective from 25th December 2019.

However, MIRA informs that the auditors who are currently registered at MIRA can sign on BPT returns and audit reports until 31st December 2020. MIRA also informs that in doing so, the Auditors must not contradict with their registered category.

Persons required to submit audited financial statements under Section 41 (a) of Income Tax Act should submit their returns along with financial statements audited by an auditor with a permit from corresponding authorities according to Section 41 (c).


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26 Dec 19