MIRA cleans Villimale’ beach area under their “Heyvalla-Saafukuramaa” program

MIRA has conducted a cleaning event at Villimale’ under their “Heyvalla-Saafukuramaa” program. 175 staff of MIRA took part in this event which started at 7:00 o’clock in the morning. A large part of the Villimale’ beach area was cleaned during this event and over 200 bags of garbage was disposed. MIRA has conducted various cleaning events in Male’ and Hulhumale under “Heyvalla-Saafukuramaa” program in the past years as well.

In the opening ceremony of the cleaning event, the Commissioner General of Taxation highlighted in his speech that this event is conducted under the corporate social responsibility program of MIRA and how MIRA staff have always taken initiative to take part and lead such activities. He noted that MIRA staff has always contributed to such causes from their own pockets through MIRA Club and that they plan to continue to conduct such events in the future as well. He also thanked Male’ City Council, WAMCO and Villimale’ Police Station for their help in organizing and conducting the event.


29 Jun 19