MIRA urges the taxpayers who are no longer liable to register with MIRA to apply for deregistration

MIRA urges taxpayers who are registered under the Tax Administration Act and The Goods and Services Tax Act to apply for deregistration, if they do not meet the conditions that make them liable to register.

A large number of businesses registered with MIRA consist of taxpayers who do not conduct any business or who are no longer required to register their business under the Maldivian tax laws and thus MIRA receives various complaints regarding the difficulties these taxpayers face when they have to submit returns and fulfill the tax obligations. Moreover, MIRA stresses the importance of deregistering these businesses as the taxpayers must fulfill their tax obligations as long as they are registered with MIRA, and failure to do so will result in such taxpayers incurring fines and penalties.

Taxpayers who are no longer liable to register with MIRA under the Maldivian tax laws can submit MIRA 106 form to deregister their businesses.


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16 Jan 19