MIRA collects MVR 1 billion as revenue in May

MIRA collected MVR 1 billion in May 2018. This amount is 10.6% more than the amount forecasted for May 2018. However, this is 14.6% lower than the revenue collected in May 2017.

The reason for the increase in revenue collected in May is because some banks paid their Bank Profit Tax ahead of the deadline which falls on July 2018.  

The greatest share of the revenue collected for May 2018 was from GST with MVR 610.43 million or 58.2% of total revenue. The second largest contributor was Bank Profit Tax (MVR 98.71 million or 9.4%). Other significant contributors include Green Tax (MVR 64.16 million or 6.1%), Airport Development Fee (MVR 57.64 million or 5.5%), Airport Service Charge (MVR 57.34 million or 5.5%) and other taxes and fees (MVR 161.24 or 15.4%).

Out of the revenue collected in May 2018, USD 38.22 million constitutes the dollar collection. 



09 Jun 18