Prize awarded to “Miothee Raseedhu” winners of the month September

The price money has been awarded to Mohamed Ibrahim for winning 'Miothee Raseedhu' campaign's monthly prize for sending the most number of unique business activities receipts in September and to Hassan Fauran Farhath for winning the draw of sending non-compliant receipts in September.

The prize was given by the Commissioner General of Taxation Yazeed Mohamed in the special awarding ceremony held today at MIRA. In the Speech given by the Commissioner General at this ceremony, he highlighted the importance of checking whether the correct amount of payment and correct GST payment is made in all business transactions, by getting a receipt. Also, that this is a responsibility that has to be upheld by the whole community in order to make the required payments owed to the government rightfully. He also emphasized that, even if the customers do not request for a request, businesses has to sustain the habit of issuing receipts for every business transaction.

The campaign which commenced on 5 September 2017 and ending on 28 February 2018 includes a monthly cash prize of MVR 1.500 for the person who sends the most number of unique business activities receipts and MVR 1,500 for the person who wins the draw for sending non-compliant receipts. Moreover, a grand prize of MVR 32,000 will to be given to the person who submits the most number of receipts from the most number of business outlets. A total of 14,447 receipts were sent to MIRA from during the month September.

11 Oct 17