MIRA collects MVR 1 Billion in February

MIRA’s revenue collection for the month of February totaled MVR 1 Billion. While this amount is 15.2% more than the amount forecasted for February 2017, it is also 35.7% less than the amount collected in February 2016. The reason for this is that a significant amount was collected as Lease Period Extension Fee and Land Acquisition and Conversion Fee in February 2016, where the Land Acquisition and Conversion Fees were a once-off payments for newly leased islands.

The biggest revenue contribution for this month came from GST with MVR 638.83 million, which amounts to 63.6% of the total revenue collected.

The second biggest contribution comes from BPT with MVR 136.85 Million and made up 13.6% of total collection. The other major revenue contributors were Green Tax (MVR 64.52 Million and 6.4% of total revenue), Airport Service Charge (MVR 45.99 Million and 4.6% of total revenue), Land Acquisition and Conversion Fee (MVR 24.76 Million and 2.5% of total revenue) and Other Taxes and Fees (MVR 93.83 Million and 9.3% of revenue). Of the revenue collected in February 2017, the USD collection was USD 41.7 Million.

12 Mar 17