Non-registration and non-compliance fines have also been arranged to be waived off under the ongoing fine amnesty

Under the ongoing Fine Amnesty Policy, in addition to the fines accrued from non-filing and non-payment of taxes, MIRA will also be giving relief for all the fines accumulated due to non-registration and non-compliance at MIRA.

This is an additional relief given to small businesses whose annual turnover does not exceed MVR 10 million, under the Fine Amnesty Policy which was introduced on 13 April 2017.

Under this policy, fine relief will be granted for BPT and GST related fines, accrued till 31 March 2017. Furthermore, fine relief will be granted only to the taxpayers who apply for fine relief before 30 June 2017. Therefore, MIRA advices those businesses who meet the conditions to continue applying for fine relief via MIRA 910 form.

19 Apr 17