Commencing collection of Zakat-al-mal by MIRA starting tomorrow

Zakat-al-mal will be collected by MIRA starting 1 June 2016. The work carried out by Ministry of Islamic Affairs in the collection of Zakat-al-mal was handed over to MIRA in March with the signing of an MOU between the two authorities.

MIRA offices outside Male’ will also accept Zakat-al-mal collection. Also, Zakat-al-mal will be accepted from the councils in the islands where MIRA offices have not been established. MIRA 510 form must be submitted when making the Zakat payments. This form is available in our website and Taxpayer Service Centre.

It has been decided to collect only Zakat al-mal by MIRA and Fitr Zakat will still be collected by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs. 

31 May 16