MIRA joins Hajj Corporation's salary deduction employee scheme

MIRA has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Maldives Hajj Corporation (MHCL) today. The MOU was signed to make a policy on which both authorities can act upon to facilitate the participation of MIRA in the salary deduction employee scheme and provide the opportunity for MIRA staff to perform Hajj pilgrimage and ensure a process in which those staff who participates can make payments.

The MOU was signed today at 10:00hrs in a ceremony held in MIRA. The Commissioner General of Taxation, Yazeed Mohamed signing on behalf of MIRA and Managing Director, Yameen Idhrees signing on behalf of Hajj Corporation.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Commissioner General said ever since MIRA was established a lot of work has been put forth in finding solutions to the difficulties faced by the staff. Therefore, this scheme makes way for the opportunity to carry out one of the mandatory religious duties and facilitates the ease of making payments. Also speaking at the ceremony, Managing Director Yameen Idhrees highlighted the purpose of making such a scheme is to provide the opportunity for the Maldivians to perform the Hajj pilgrimage. He noted that 19 government authorities have participate in the scheme as of now.

30 May 16