MIRA signs an MOU with PGO

MIRA has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Prosecutor General’s office (PGO) today. The MOU was signed to hand over several legal powers of the Prosecutor General (PG) to MIRA on exchanging information with foreign nations on tax related criminal investigations. Therefore, the main purpose of this is to speed up and develop the process of such exchange of information between nations on tax related criminal investigations.

The MOU was signed today at 10:30hrs in a ceremony held in MIRA. The Commissioner General of Taxation, Yazeed Mohamed signing on behalf of MIRA and Prosecutor General, Aishath Bisham signing on behalf of PGO.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Commissioner General highlighted the importance of exchanging information with institutions, banks and tax authorities of other nations to assist in the work carried out in reducing the number of people evading tax. Thus, the MOU has been signed to facilitate this and ensure relations development between the two institutes. Prosecutor General Aishath Bisham highlighted the legal powers stated under the law on exchanging information on criminal cases. She said the MOU will facilitate the ease of exchange of information between nations on such cases.

Maldives has recently signed an agreement with India on exchange of tax information. Under the agreement, information on criminal investigations are to be exchanged between the two nations’ tax authorities. Currently, discussion on plans for such agreements with 3 more nations have been taken place.

24 Apr 16