Opening of MIRA Eydhafushi branch

MIRA Eydhafushi branch has been officially opened today. It was opened by the Minister of Finance and Treasury Abdulla Jihad, the Commissioner General of Taxation Mr. Yazeed Mohamed and Vice President of the atoll council Mr. Mabrook Naseer.

The office in Eydhafushi atoll house will be providing all the services provided by the MIRA main office in Male’. These include taxpayer registration, accepting BPT and GST returns, collecting taxes and all other fees collected by MIRA. Additionally, they will also be providing tax related information to those who require it.

In addition to the Eydhafushi branch, MIRA branches has been opened in Addu, Hdh Kulhudhuffushi whereas MIRA collection centres are operated in Gn. Fuvahmulakh and F. Nilandhoo.


31 Mar 16