MIRA employees visits patients in I.G.M.H

Employees of MIRA visits patients in I.G.M.H, during which all patients were given a special gift by the employees. All staff of MIRA and many staff of I.G.M.H participated in the event held today at 16:00hrs. The opening ceremony of the event was inaugurated by the Commissioner General of Taxation Yazeed Mohamed and Deputy C.E.O of IGMH Mohamed Rishwan.

Speaking at the event, Commissioner General of Taxation stated that the purpose of carrying out this event is to enliven the habit of visiting patients in need. Also, such activities are carried out with pride and will continue carrying out such activities needed for the communities’ wellbeing. He also noted the support received from I.G.M.H and thanked the personnel’s involved. Deputy C.E.O of IGMH Mohamed Rishwan stated that he was highly pleased that employees of MIRA initiated and planned such an activity to visit patients in I.G.M.H.

Photos of the ceremony: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1083570418366554.1073741862.142192245837714&type=3

26 Mar 16