MIRA collects MVR 1.71 billion as revenue for January 2016

MIRA has collected MVR 1.71 billion Rufiyaa as revenue for January 2016. This is 11.0% more than the amount collected in January 2015.

The reasons for the increase in revenue include collection of Green Tax starting from 1 November 2015 and increase in collection of General Sector GST and BPT compared to the previous year.

BPT contributed the most revenue in January 2016, with 48.0% (MVR 822.08 Million) of the total revenue. It is followed by GST with 36.2% (MVR 619.93 Million) of the total revenue. Additionally, Lease Period Extension Fee accounted for 5.1% (MVR 87.68 Million) and Airport Service Charge at 2.8% (MVR 47.32 Million)  and Green Tax at 2.6% (MVR 44.02 Million) of the total revenue.

The amount collected in January 2016 includes $55.1 million received in US dollars.

14 Feb 16