Civil court orders shareholders of Poseidon Maldives to pay fine imposed for failure to submit bed tax sheet by deadline

The civil court has ordered 2 Directors of the company Poseidon Maldives, Adh. Mahibadhoo Heenaagasdhoshuge Ali Shuvau and S. Hithadhoo Sarindhaage Mohamed Haadhee, to pay defaulting payment of Bed Tax by The Maldives Mosaique Safari, the fine for non-payment of the Bed Tax by deadline and the fine imposed for failing to submit the Bed Tax Sheet by the deadline, within 3 months period starting from 16 August 2015.

The judgment has been passed as such due failure by the company to make payments as per the judgment with respect to the case filed against Poseidon Maldives Pvt Ltd by MIRA on 31 March 2013. As per the judgment, the 2 shareholders of the company stated that they will pay the defaulting payments of Poseidon Maldives Pvt Ltd as individual and thus they both are to take individual responsibility for the defaulting payments. Poseidon Maldives Pvt Ltd owes the state US$ 16,480 (Sixteen thousand four hundred and eighty US dollars) as tourism tax and Rufiyaa 142,000/- (One hundred and forty two thousand) as fine imposed for late payment of the tourism tax and for failing to submit the tourism tax sheet. Half of these payments are to be paid each by the shareholders within 3 months period of time to MIRA according to the judgment passed by the civil court.



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23 Aug 15