MIRA’s ‘Digital Year’ targets, revealed.

The targets for this year, which MIRA has intended to be their ‘digital year’, have been revealed. Unveiled during MIRA’s fifth anniversary celebration held on the 13th of August, the targets for the organizations digital year are thirteen in number. These targets are:-

  1. Implementation of a customer relationship management system (Customer relationship management system or C.R.M.S is intended to improve communications between taxpayers and the organization, thereby improving compliance of tax laws and regulations and as a result bring about positive changes to government revenue).
  2. Launching of the MIRA mobile application (The application is intended to allow taxpayers to comply with their obligations with much more ease, as well as to allow taxpayers easy access to important and essential information).
  3. Improve awareness of taxpayers and the general public via e-learning methods.
  4. Improve the proficiency by which forensic investigations can be carried out by MIRA’s investigation teams.
  5. Implementation of an interactive website.
  6. Integration of MIRA’s systems with those of other government associations.
  7. Launching of a special application by which tax collections made by Atoll councils can be transmitted and collected by MIRA offices.
  8. Increase the number of options by which Taxpayers can make payments via MIRA’s online portal, ‘MIRA Connect’.
  9. Phase out the current ‘sticker system’ which vehicle fees are based on and replace it with an  online system whereby government agencies which require such information can access it with much more ease.
  10. Complete automation of MIRA’s current risk profile system which is used to assess and audit potential ‘High risk’ taxpayers.
  11. Automation of MIRA’s entire administrative processes.
  12. Transfer of additional revenue codes to the S.A.P tax and revenue management system.
  13. One third of communication between MIRA and taxpayers to be carried via email.


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17 Aug 15