Roadshow held to promote MIRA’s online services

The MIRA has conducted a roadshow to increase taxpayer awareness about online payment options to MIRA and about the approaching deadline for submitting the 2014 BPT return. The roadshow was held on Saturday (13 June 2015) at the Youth Centre from 16:00hrs – 18:00hrs.

In this roadshow, information regarding MIRAconnect service was provided in addition to information on how taxpayers can make online payments. As such, taxpayers who sought to make payments via Vaaru Card were able to submit the Vaaru Card application form. Moreover, information desks were placed to provide information to taxpayers who were liable to file the BPT Return by 30 June 2015 and staff helped them complete the BPT Return. This event also carried out many activities especially for children and gave taxpayers an opportunity to get information regarding tax.

The roadshow received a huge support and information on tax was given to a lot of taxpayers. Additional activities are to be carried out in providing information with regard to the BPT deadline. Taxpayers are advised to be mindful of the deadline and submit the BPT return and pay their taxes well ahead.

14 Jun 15