Vaaru Card application form is now available for download: MIRA

 Vaaru card, which is a debit card launched by MIRA and BML, which can be used only to make payments to MIRA can now be downloaded from MIRA’s website .

Vaaru card to available free of charge to all MIRAconnect users. This card is also available to companies as well as to individuals. Dollar and Rufiyaa accounts will be issued separate Vaaru Cards. This card can be used to pay BPT, GST, Vehicle Fee, Company Annual Fee, Tourism Land Rent and Agricultural Land Rent.

Those who wish to request for a Vaaru Card can download the application form from MIRA’s website and submit to MIRA. For more information regarding the Vaaru card, taxpayers can call MIRA’s hotline 1415 during office hours.

01 Jun 15