MIRA signs and MoU with Ministry of Economic Development

MIRA has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Ministry of Economic Development (MED) today. This MoU is for both institutes assisting the other in implanting relevant laws, and will facilitate sharing of information between the two institutes.

This MOU will facilitate efficient implementation of Laws enforced by both organization and to share resources to attain objectives and goals of the two organizations. Under this MoU it was decided that MED will share the details of all registered individuals, partnerships, companies and cooperative societies with MIRA via an online portal or webs service. Additionally, under this MoU taxpayers can now submit their financial returns at MIRA and have the obligation to submit at MED fulfilled. This means taxpayers would not have to submit their financial statements to both institutions, just to MIRA. It was agreed in the MoU that MIRA will share the details of these financial statements with MED. This MOU would would also facilitate training opportunities for staff of both organisations.

The MOU was signed today at 1100hrs in a ceremony held at Velaanaage. The Commissioner General of Taxation, Yazeed Mohamed signing on behalf of MIRA and Minister of Economic Development, Honorable Mohamed Saeed signing on behalf of MED.

01 Jun 15