More than 600 taxpayers who are liable to pay the GST on or before 29 January 2012 have still not paid GST.

Many GST registered taxpayers who are liable to pay GST by 29 Jan 2012 have still not paid their taxes.  Among the 600 non-filers, 400 are businesses from Male’.  

The deadline for making payments had been extended till 29 February 2012, for those taxpayers who are liable to pay GST by 29 Jan 2012. Taxpayers, who have not paid their tax and not filed their returns, will be fined from 30 Jan 2012 as per our announcement on 31 Jan 2012.  MIRA will take further actions against non-payers/ non-filers of GST. In this respect, MIRA is currently making the necessary preparations before publishing information of non-compliant taxpayers.

There were more than 1200 GST registered taxpayers who had not paid GST by February 2012, out of whom over 500 taxpayers had paid their tax liabilities. Other than the Taxpayer Service Center in Male’, Atoll Councils are also collecting the GST return and its payments. GST registered persons have to pay their tax and file their return on either monthly or quarterly basis depending on their monthly sales.

13 Mar 12