MIRA holds a cleaning event for Hulhumale beach in collaboration with HDC

MIRA held a cleaning event of Hulhumale beach area in collaboration with HDC on 28 March 2015. Around 169 staff of MIRA and a significant number of HDC staff and general public joined in for the ‘Heyvalla Saafukuramaa’ program. A large area of the beach was cleaned in the cleaning event which started at 4pm, and 4 lorries load of garbage was collected. The bags used in this event were oxo biodegradable garbage bags donated by CycliQ Enterprises.

Speaking at the event, the Commissioner General of Taxation Yazeed Mohamed said that this event was part of MIRA’s CSR efforts. He also mentioned that MIRA’s staff take an active role in upholding MIRA’s social responsibility and often fund such activities themselves. He also mentioned that MIRA will continue to carry on such activities in the future.

The MIRA notes and thanks HDC and MTCC for the assistance provided in carrying out this event.

29 Mar 15