MIRA’s Enforcement Policy has been published in the Gazette

MIRA’s enforcement policy has been published in the government gazette on 19 February 2015. This policy outlines the actions MIRA will take to enforce payments from taxpayers who default in the payment of tax, fee, rent, royalty or other money required to be paid to the MIRA under Taxation Acts or any other Act, or agreement.

The Enforcement Policy consolidates several policies that MIRA had published in the gazette previously, and has been enforcing. The individual policies included in the Enforcement Policy are Instalment Policy,  Policy on Accessing Information of Bank Accounts of Taxpayers and Freezing their Bank Accounts, Policy on taking action against persons with dues to the state, Policy on Recovery from a third party, Policy on taking legal action against defaulting taxpayers in Civil Court, Policy on Returned Cheques, Policy on Disclosure of Non-compliant GST Registered Persons and Skip tracing policy. With the publishing of the enforcement policies, the individual policies have been nullified.

21 Feb 15