Reminder to file February's Tax Return and pay the corresponding tax before 28 March 2011


According to the Tourism Goods and Service Tax (T-GST) Act and its regulation, tourist resorts, tourist hotels, guest houses, picnic islands and tourist vessels and other service providers mentioned in the Act, who provide services to tourists, must file their monthly Tax Return and Pay Tax on or before the 28th day of the subsequent month. Taxpayers, who have no taxable sales during thetaxable period, are still required to file a "Nil Return" with a tax value of zero.

Taxpayers are also advised to file their Tax Return and make the payment as early as possible without waiting to file on 28 March, since the deadline for the submission of Tourism land rent and Company Annual fee also falls on March and a large crowd of taxpayers are expected during the last week of March. For the convenience of all taxpayers, MIRA will be extending its working hours till 18:00 hours on 27 and 28 March 2011.

Furthermore, effective from 1 April 2011 payments such as bed tax, lease rent and royalty fees which have been collected by the Maldives Monetary Authority, will be collected by Maldives Inland Revenue Authority.

22 Mar 11