Civil court orders Dreams Electronics Pvt Ltd to pay GST owed to the state

The Judgment with respect to the case filed with the Civil Court against Dreams Electronics Pvt Ltd has been passed in favour of the MIRA. Civil Court has ordered Dreams Electronics to pay the owed GST amount and the fine imposed for non-payment of GST by deadline, to MIRA.


Dreams Electronics has to pay Rufiyaa 316,366 (Three hundred and sixteen thousand, three hundred and sixty six) as GST, and Rufiyaa 141,477 (One hundred and forty one thousand, four hundred and seventy seven) as fined imposed for non-payment of GST as of 21 August 2015. This amounts to a total of Rufiyaa 457,813 (Four hundred and fifty seven thousand, eight hundred and thirteen) that is owed by the company. The civil court has ordered Dream Electronics to settle the amount within 6 months of 1 February 2015.

02 Feb 15