Civil court orders Victoria Investment to pay rent and fine of B. Undoodhoo

The judgment of the case filed with Civil Court against Victoria Investment Pvt Ltd for not paying of rent related to B. Undoodhoo as per agreement has been passed in favour of MIRA. The case was filed against Victoria Investment Pvt Ltd for failure to pay the rent of B. Undoodhoo as per the agreement between Victoria Investment and Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture, and for failure to pay the fine imposed for non-payment of the rent.

In the decree passed on 11 January 2015, the civil court stated that while the National Planning Council had made an announcement stating that those who wished to change the rent of lands rented for agricultural purposes from 1 January 2012 can apply to the council by 29 February 2012, and while Victoria Investment Pvt Ltd had applied for a reduction of rent, this application does not guarantee a reduction in rent and that the council had not informed Victoria Investment of any such reduction. And as the agreement between Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture and Victoria Investment Pvt Ltd clearly stated that any change to the rent amount can be brought only through a statement signed by both parties, and as no such statement had been signed between the parties, the court decreed Victoria Investment had to pay rent as per the signed agreement.

The civil court ordered Victoria Investment Pvt Ltd to pay the lease rent of B. Undoodhoo, and the fine imposed for not paying the rent according to the agreement, within 6 months of the judgment.  Victoria Investment Pvt Ltd has pay to Rufiyaa 313,792/17 (Three hundred and thirteen thousand seven hundred and ninety two Rufiyaa seventeen Laari) as lease rent of B. Undoodhoo and Rufiyaa 348,785 (Three hundred and forty eight thousand seven hundred and eighty five Rufiyaa) as fine. This amounts to a total of Rufiyaa 698,577/17 (Six hundred and ninety eight thousand five hundred and seventy seven Rufiyaa seventeen Laari) that Victoria Investment Pvt Ltd owes the state.

14 Jan 15