MIRA collects MVR 675.3 million as October revenue

MIRA has collected MVR 675.3 million as revenue for October 2014. This includes 27.2 million as US dollars.

This amount is 13.4% more than the amount collected in October 2014. The revenue growth is due to collection of Lease Period Extension Fee in October 2014, which was not collected in October 2013, high BPT collection in October 2014 compared to October 2013 and high growth in revenue witnessed in BPT and fines. The amount collected is also 29.8% more than the forecasted revenue for the month. This is mainly because lease period extension fees forecasted to be received in November was received in October and because tourism land rent expected to be received in September was received in October. Additionally, despite October not having a BPT deadline, a substantial amount of BPT was collected during the month.

GST contributed the most revenue in October 2014 with a total of Rufiyaa 367.4 million. The second highest contribution came from Tourism Tax. A total of Rufiyaa 64.9 million was collected as BPT. Additionally, Rufiyaa 60.4 million was collected as Lease Period Extension Fee, Rufiyaa 51.9 million was collected as BPT and Rufiyaa 37 million was collected as Airport Service Charge.

MIRA has collected Rufiyaa 9.7 billion as of October 2014. This 25.3% more than the amount collected by October in 2013.

10 Nov 14