MIRA holds a public lecture by Professor Dr. Kevin Holmes

MIRA, in association with Maldives National University (MNU), held a public lecture last night (23 September 2014). The lecture was conducted by ADB consultant assigned to MIRA, Dr. Kevin Holmes. Dr. Holmes is a tax consultant who has worked on developing the tax systems of numerous countries. Last night’s lecture was attended by a large number of students and taxpayers.

The lecture held last night under the name ‘Features underlying a good tax system’, is the first of the lecture series of the name ‘Taxation in Maldives’. MIRA will be holding more lectures under this series in the future.

The purpose of such lectures is to educate school children, youth, taxpayers and the public on the tax system in Maldives. All interested parties are welcome to attend such lectures held by MIRA.

MIRA thanks MNU for all the support and assistance provided in organizing this lecture.

24 Sep 14