MIRA publishes names of defaulting taxpayers under Policy on Disclosure of Non-compliant GST Registered Persons

Under the Policy on Disclosure of Non-compliant GST Registered Persons, MIRA has published the names of taxpayers who have not filed their GST returns nor paid their GST as of the 2nd quarter of 2014.

The list published on MIRA’s website includes the names of General GST and Tourism GST taxpayers in Male’ area who have not filed their return nor paid their GST for the April to June period. Before the publishing the names, these taxpayers have been contacted several times and informed of the penalties they might face if they do not file their returns and pay their GST. MIRA has also sent SMS to these taxpayers and visited the premises of those they were unable to contact via phone.

Names of 59 taxpayers from the tourism sector and 262 taxpayers from the general sector have not filed their returns nor made their GST payments have been published on MIRA’s website. If any of these taxpayers submit their returns or pay their GST, their name would be removed from the list.

17 Sep 14