MIRA to recognize taxpayers who pay the highest amount as taxes

MIRA has decided to give an award to recognize taxpayers who pay the highest amount as taxes.

The ‘Ran Laari’ award will be given in 3 categories. That is 5 taxpayers from the ‘Individuals’ category, 5 taxpayers from the ‘Corporate’ category and 1 taxpayer from ‘State Owned Enterprises’ category. Persons registered as individuals or sole traders at MIRA will be in the ‘Individuals’ category. All companies, partnerships, cooperative societies and other legal entities registered at MIRA will be classified as ‘Corporate’ category. However, State Owned Enterprises and companies listed on the Maldives Stock Exchange, and of which the government owns 20% share, will fall into the ‘State Owned Enterprises’ category.

Amount paid as fine for failure to comply with a law, regulation or agreement will not be considered in selecting the winners of the award. To make the process of selecting the awardees as transparent as possible, the policy under which the awardees are selected has been published on MIRA’s website.

The first ‘Ran Laari’ recipients will be those who paid the most taxes in 2013. They will be given the award on MIRA’s 4th Anniversary event on 8 August 2014.

22 Jul 14