MIRA appoints an information officer and a media officer

Pursuant to Section 36 (a) of the Act 1/2014 (Right to Information Act), MIRA has appointed Asma Shafeeu (Phone: 3339545), Director of Technical Service and Planning as the information officer.

Those who wish to get information from MIRA can submit form MIRA 907 (Request for Information under the Right to Information Act) and they will be given information as per the Act. This form is available on MIRA’s website at www.mira.gov.mv and at MIRA’s taxpayer service centre.

Additionally, pursuant to section 16 (d) of the Tax Administration Act, MIRA has appointed Fathuhulla Jameel (Phone: 3339530), Director General of Audit and Investigation as the media officer of MIRA.

15 Jul 14