Deadline for 2014 BPT 1st Interim Payment in approaching

The deadline for the submission of the 1st Statement of Interim Payment for 2014, and to make the first interim payment is 31 July 2014. So all taxpayers are advised to take heed of this deadline and submit their statements and make their payments ahead of the deadline.

All those who are required to submit their BPT Returns must submit their Statement of Interim Payment. Individuals have to submit their BPT Returns if their taxable profit for the year exceeds Rufiyaa 500,000 or if their earn over Rufiyaa 750,000 as total revenue for the year. All business entities except for individuals are required to submit their BPT Return regardless of their income level.

As several deadlines fall on the last week of July, taxpayers are asked to take heed to of this as well.

15 Jul 14