MIRA collects Rufiyaa 5.67 Billion in first half of 2014

MIRA has collected Rufiyaa 5.67 Billion in the first half of the year 2014. This is 1 billion Rufiyaa (22%) more than the Rufiyaa 4.66 Billion collected in corresponding half of 2013.

GST contributed the most revenue with 2.33 billion Rufiyaa. This is 41.2% of the collected revenue. The second highest contribution came from BPT where Rufiyaa 1.39 billion was collected which amounts to 24.6% of the collected revenue. Additionally, Rufiyaa 544 million was collected as Tourism Land Rent, Rufiyaa 383 Million as Bed Tax and Rufiyaa 227 Million was collected as Airport Service Charge.

MIRA also disclosed that in June 2014, it collected revenue of Rufiyaa 1.27 Billion. This is 27.2% more than the amount collected in the corresponding month of 2013, and 24.8% more than the estimated revenue for the month. June 2014 had been the second highest grossing month in MIRA’s history with the highest collection in January 2014 with a revenue of Rufiyaa 1.3 Billion. 

09 Jul 14