MIRA enters premises of a defaulting taxpayer under a search warrant

MIRA has searched the premises of a taxpayer under a search warrant from the Tax Appeal Tribunal. MIRA entered the two shops, I.W Builders Ware and I.W Home Pro, of Mohamed Faisal (ID Card Number: A007336). In the search conducted, MIRA officials obtained documents and other evidences that can help in calculating the tax amount owed by Mohamed Faisal, and build the case against the suspected offender.

MIRA has requested for a search warrant from the Tax Appeal Tribunal under Clause 36(a) of the Tax Administration Act. This clause states that if there is a suspicion that an offence involving serious fraud in relation to tax is being, or is about to be committed, and if there is evidence that such an offence is being committed, and if the MIRA believes that evidence of it is to be found on premises specified in the information relating to tax, the MIRA may request the President of the Tax Appeal Tribunal, or the member who at that time is undertaking the responsibilities of the President, to issue a warrant to enter such premises.

The business premises of Mohamed Faisal has to be searched under the suspicion of tax evasion, refusing to cooperate with MIRA officials during compliance visits, and declining to provide the documents required to carry out MIRA audits stating that he does not maintain records. Additionally he has not filed his BPT returns for 2011 and 2012.


29 May 14