Department of Immigration and Emigration to stop expatriate related services to those who default on payments to the state

Department of Immigration and Emigration has announced that starting from 1 June 2014, it will check for any arrears owed to the Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA) before processing requests for some services related to foreign expatriates, and that it would cease these services to those with overdue payments.

In the announcement made on 25 May 2014, the department states that they will suspend issuing quotas to bring in expatriate workers, employment approvals for expatriate workers, issuance of business visas, authorizing the entry of foreign national under sponsorships and refund of security deposits for expatriate workers if a company or individual has pending payments to MIRA.

MIRA has stated that this step will be taken only against those defaulters who have been issued the relevant notices asking them to clear their dues, and who have been given the opportunity to clear their dues but still have not made the payments, nor come to an settlement agreement with MIRA. Additionally, those who are listed under the skip tracing policy will also be included in this action policy. However these actions will be ceased immediately once the outstanding is settled.

MIRA advises taxpayers with overdue payments to give prior consideration and encourages all taxpayers to pay their taxes and other fees in a timely manner.

29 May 14